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Importance of Hashtags

5 Reasons Why Instagram Hashtags Are Important

December 22, 2020

The hashtag is already twelve years old! -has been a phenomenon in social networking. 

Today, particularly on Twitter and Instagram, it's unusual to see a social networking post without one. 

Why and how did the hashtag become a trend of this kind? 

Online usage of the hashtag, initially referred to as the pound sign, did not exist until it was introduced in the late 1990s on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), where it was used to build and categorize classes.

First Hashtag

First Hashtags!

The hashtag craze that we recognize today didn't start until 2007, when Chris Messina tweeted to his fans, asking them how they thought about using the pound sign for party conversions. 

As the usage of the hashtag increased in importance, the application of it also adapted to other media media. It's hard to contend against the hashtag's versatility and efficacy. It is quickly built and searchable and has been an exceptional marketing platform for corporations, organisations, celebrities, and even the ordinary citizen. (A more comprehensive reflection on the past of the hashtag can be found here if you're interested.)

Importance of Hashtags on Instagram

Use Hashtags!

Messina intended to make people opt to adopt a single hashtag after adding the hashtag to Twitter in order to display all the messages it contained. Of course, users can now use any possible hashtag (at least inside the character limit of Twitter), and can quickly check for hashtags using Twitter's search function. Funnily enough, the newly launched Instagram feature actually behaves like the original intentions of Messina. 

Two months back, soon after the introduction of Instagram Story polls last October, they have added the opportunity for users to follow a hashtag. You should press on a hashtag in a post or scan using a hashtag in the Instagram Explore portion of HItherto. You will also have highlights of the hashtag shown in your newsfeed by following a hashtag, as it is for accounts you track. 

"The hashtag is becoming an increasingly important aspect of Instagram once only a Twitter feature. In an interview with The Verge, the designer behind this new feature, Matthew Ogle, said: "My task was to find ways to take the friction out of [searching the Explore tab], to be exploration and goodness driven by the crowd to where people are now. Any very good assets have hashtags, so they are this bottom-up, community-led aggregation now.

So, why are hashtags so important?

Despite numerous jokes and satirical sketches on the overuse of hashtags, they are actually an important part of digital marketing when used correctly. To keep posted on a popular topic/trend, you can follow and interact with unique hashtags, build your own hashtag to endorse a new product or service, browse for a hashtag to break through the digital clutter to locate what you're searching for, and so many more. 

If you are still uncertain regarding the usage of hashtags, we have outlined below some of the key reasons why hashtags on Instagram (and on all social networking and apps!) are so relevant, in our view. Be sure to let us know in the comments below whether you have other reasons why hashtags are relevant!

Example Hashtags Image

1. Competition

It's crucial to find out who the competitor is, what they sell, and how they advertise, as in any brand, because you know what makes your company the better one. To study rival pages, their top updates, and their most-used hashtags, you can use Instagram hashtags. 

For starters, let's assume you're a freelancer in graphic design aimed at increasing your company. You should log in to your Instagram account and go to the search bar to search for your rivals and find the most used and famous hashtags on the subject of "graphic design." In the screenshots below, you'll note that there would be a number with all hashtags, profiles, members, and locations under the Top group. And only click on the "Tags" tab and view the collection to directly search for graphic design hashtags. 

Learning this data will help you evaluate the reaction of an audience to the post(s) of your rival, providing you with awareness of what works best and what does not work with your own social media marketing. 

In addition, hashtags are shifting and developing endlessly. What used to be today's famous hashtag could be obsolete tomorrow. Your brand can appear authentic and trustworthy by keeping up with the latest news and trending hashtags.

Branding and Visibility Image

2. (and 3.) Branding and Visibility

Though these are technically explanations two and three, for much of the logic goes hand-in-hand, we put them together. The success of your branding, and vice versa, would be enhanced by having strong exposure. 

The most productive applications of hashtags on Instagram are basically branding and recognition. You may use hashtags to grow your audience and raise brand exposure if you're a new organization. They will see the related hashtags you are using as users search for your brand; or when they search for unique hashtags, they will see your branded posts in the results. This typically helps in additional fans and future clients being gained. 

Or you can build your own hashtag for a good, service, or event you're celebrating, whether fresh or more developed. When they buy/use a product or service, or when they're at an event you're organizing, you will inspire your fans and clients to use the hashtag. Creating your own hashtag (or picking a hashtag of no use) gives you the ability to leverage the name to conquer your hashtag. Using the hashtag constantly throughout your articles not only helps to improve the popularity (as does all hashtag use), but also makes people start associating your company with the hashtag, thus developing your name.

Promotion Image

4. Promotion

Due to their potential to support brands and corporations build tailored campaigns, one of the key reasons hashtags have developed such a popularity on social media is. According to Tweetangels, "Think of hashtags as the 'word-of-mouth' method when it comes to promotion." In other terms, when you talk about a promotion, your followers will use the same hashtag, so it will be used by their followers, and so on. Hashtags generate better exposure for a campaign by utilizing specific hashtags that you realize your audience is already following, and help you hit your target audience. 

The hashtag not only binds you to your followers, but your followers to each other when used to advertise an event. Before, after, and after an incident, the momentum a hashtag may encourage is substantial. 

Another effective tip for marketing the organization with hashtags is to couple it with a giveaway promotion. Have a photo contest in which individuals submit their images to earn a reward under a specified hashtag. For Valentine's Day campaigns, several organizations use this technique in February. For their fans to receive free stuff, jewelry companies have a best pair picture contest or a post the best love tale contest.

Activisim Image

5. Activism

With the whole planet at our feet, it's easy to check for breaking news immediately. Many progressive campaigns create a hashtag for their cause because of this. This functions exactly the same as the marketing of activities. People use the hashtag to indicate that they are conducting a charitable event and that before, after, and after, users share their messages. The development of the #MarchForOurLives, where the Florida shooting victors try to increase consciousness of school protection and weapons regulation, is a very recent illustration of this. 

While several corporations stay politically impartial, others are unafraid of expressing their opinion on political issues. And regardless of their political position, many clients are faithful to labels. So, it can be useful to use hashtags to display your appreciation for the things you believe in, based on the brand.

Localization Image

BONUS: 6. Localization (on a global scale)

Using geographical tags in your Instagram posts has become a useful tool in local marketing, particularly since the launch of Instagram Stories. And you will target local, municipal, international, and global viewers by labeling places like city communities or popular cities. 

A pro tip from Hootsuite's AdEspresso notes that "the location tag is an excellent way to encourage local brick-and-mortar companies or increase exposure in a particular area, particularly if Instagram pulls it into location-based feed stories." 

Thanks to Instagram Tales, the popularity of local marketing with hashtags on Instagram is Now, they seem to be working on a new tool named "Clips" according to Business Insider, which would theoretically mirror and imitate features of the famous TikTok app. What does Instagram say by this? 

Well, much like Instagram, the newer app TikTok, initially Musical.ly before 2018, relies on hashtags to exchange material. Its strong emphasis on localized content via localized hashtags is a key driving force in the growth of TikTok. According to an article by Influencer MarketingHub, "the app also uses local trend hashtags to suggest content creation topics to its users[which] allows the app to capitalize on local trends and generate viral content..." Thus, if Instagram releases a tool that matches or exceeds TikTok's marketing performance, the opportunity for global localization is inevitable.


While it's more than 12 years old, it's extremely doubtful we'll see the hashtag's downfall very fast. Hashtags are a vital component of every effective messaging strategy nowadays, with their inherent potential to achieve exposure and reach millions of people around the globe. 

Hashtags are a surefire way for you to have your word noticed on Instagram and other social platforms, whether you're a young organization trying to raise brand recognition, a well-known brand introducing a new product, or a brand looking to return to a political and humanitarian initiative.