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6 Ways to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts

January 04, 2021

Did you know that the more likes you receive in an Instagram post, the greater its visibility? As you read it! More likes translate into greater reach, increased traffic, and other benefits for your Instagram account.

One of those benefits is that getting more likes on Instagram helps to position your posts at the top of the news section. Also, it increases the chances that those who have liked your post will be interested in your content, visit your profile, and end up following you!

As you can see, receiving more likes on Instagram posts guarantees increased exposure and potential growth for your account. So, are you looking for a way to get more likes on your Instagram photos and videos? See the tips that we bring you below.

1. Share compelling images

Instagram began as a social network for images. Images should be of great importance to your Instagram strategy. That said, you should pay special attention to what your followers like the most.

To find out what drives your followers to like posts on Instagram, check your old images or those of your competition. In this way, you will know which images receive more likes and inspire you to create similar ones and share them on your feed.

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2. Use CTAs and Hashtags as captions

Have you thought about asking your followers to like your posts on Instagram? Well, according to a study carried out by Social Bakers determined that on Twitter, people who asked for Retweets obtained between 17% and 74% more RTs than when they did not. So why not take this idea to Instagram?

Foundr is a company that publishes next to its posts a caption asking its followers to give like. In this way, they have managed to get likes on Instagram easily and simply.

On the other hand, Track Maven said that those posts that have more than 10 hashtags get more likes on Instagram.

3. Determine the best time to post

There is a saying that while some sleep, others make money. Well, we could modify it a bit and say that while some sleep, you get more likes on your Instagram post.

Once again, a study by Track Maven assured that the Instagram posts that get the most interactions are those that are published between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. The reason is, in that interval, there is little flow of posts, so you will not have as many competitors and your posts have the opportunity to stand out.

Remember: a greater reach increases the probability of getting more likes on Instagram. And more likes, they demonstrated the visibility and the possibility of growing in followers.

4. Share your posts on other networks

If you run another social network apart from Instagram and you have followers, you must re-share the link of your Instagram post on these networks. In this way, you will attract your followers to your Instagram account, and you can get more likes.

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5. Like other posts

Another way to get more likes on your Instagram posts is by liking other posts from accounts that you do not follow. Neil Patel conducted this experiment by liking photos of people and accounts he didn't follow on Instagram, randomly. In this way, Patel obtained 21.7% more likes, and his account grew 6.1%. It is, certainly, a good strategy to grow on Instagram.

6. Create likes and tag contests

Giveaways are always an easy and simple strategy to get likes and increase the reach of your posts on Instagram. And the process to create contests is very simple: you just have to tell your followers to like a photo and to mention a friend to participate. But, you should keep in mind that the contest prize must be attractive to get a very good amount of likes and comments.