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How do I create an Instagram account

How do I create an Instagram account?

November 2, 2020

Since a few years ago, Instagram has become nearly one of the most popular applications to share photos with your friends and followers. Currently, Instagram has over 1,158 million users, almost double of TikTok's users. So, if you don’t have an Instagram account yet, what are you waiting to sign up on Instagram?

In this article, we are going to tackle the Instagram registration process. So, if you want to know how to create an Instagram account, keep scrolling this page and let’s make this crystal clear. 

Step 1: Get access to Instagram

First of all, you need to go and find the Instagram app and download it for free. You could find it whether in Google Play for Android devices or in the App Store for iOS devices.  

If you prefer to do this procedure on your computer, you are free to go to the registration page of Instagram. The Instagram registration process will be as easy as the app version. 

Creating Instagram Account

Step 2: Registering your username  

Once you have landed on the registration page, you are one step further in the process on how to create an Instagram account.  Now, you have two options: provide your information manually or log in with Facebook. 

If you decide to proceed by using Facebook, the Instagram registration process will be almost done. You will just need to log in to your Facebook account and they will provide all the information that Instagram needs to create your account. When you have finished logging in with Facebook, Instagram will ask you for a username.

On the other hand, if you choose to provide your information by yourself, you will need to give the following details:

●  Mobile number or Email

●  Full Name

●  Username

●  Password

After filling these fields, you just have to click on the sign up on Instagram bottom, and they'll ask you to agree with their Terms, Data Policy, and Cookies Policy. Finally, go and confirm your email. There you go! If you were struggling on how to create an Instagram account, don’t worry anymore, you already have completed this task. 

Step 3: Log in to your brand new Instagram account  

Now you can log in into your Instagram account and start to share beautiful moments. Just go to the login page, use your phone number, username, or email combined with your password, and you can start to follow your friends and the most popular celebrities.  

Create Instagram Account

Final tip: Analyze your brand new Instagram account

Do you have a new account on Instagram? Awesome, let’s make it more powerful by analyzing your interactions.

Whether you are trying to increase your followers’ number or creating a marketing campaign, you will need to monitor the data that comes from your publications and activity. Metricool is by far the most recommended tool for this kind of task. This is a fantastic digital tool that allows you to make an impact on your social media based on the performance of your content.  

With Metricool you’ll be able to see visits and metrics from your profile like posts, stories, and community sections.  Also, you can analyze how your competitors are doing.