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How Do I Delete My Instagram Account

How Do I Delete My Instagram Account?

October 17, 2020

Did you know that an overwhelming amount of people checks social media before getting out of bed every day? 

This can be just a way to pass time, a way to get into the latest news before starting your day, or just a really bad habit. The thing is that, even if Instagram is one of the most popular platforms today, sometimes the endless scrolling becomes too much. 

Today, I will teach you one of the most crucial Social Media How To’s: Delete my Instagram account.

Of course, you have two options: You can either permanently delete my Instagram Account or maybe you’re just looking to deactivate Instagram for a while. 

Whichever you choose, keep on reading to get to know-how! 

Deleting Instagram Account

How to delete my Instagram account permanently

First and foremost, is important that you know this: You can’t delete Instagram account from app. Even if Instagram is more of a phone app than a desktop social media, the function of delete my Instagram account is only accessible on desktop, or mobile web browser. 

The closest thing that we can offer you if you wanted to delete Instagram account from app is that you follow the next steps on your phone’s web browser: 

To begin, look for Instagram’s website on the browser of your choosing and access your account like you normally do.

When you have logged in, get into the account deletion page. Then, you will see a drop-down menu and you will be asked why do you wish to permanently deactivate Instagram account. In this instance, choose whatever option suits you best, there are lots of them! Or you could simply pick on the option “something else” and don’t give any explanation whatsoever. 

After all of this, you should click on the button labeled “Permanently delete my account” to finally deactivate Instagram forever.

But forever sounds like a lot of time and you probably just want to get away from social media for a while. There’s an option for that as well! 

Deactivate Instagram Account

How do I temporary deactivate Instagram account

Now, you can’t delete Instagram account from app and you can’t find the temporary deactivation option on the app either. All of this has to be done on a desktop or mobile web browser. Take this into consideration whilst following the instructions: 

First, log into your account from the browser. When you enter your profile, click on the option to edit your profile. 

Once here, access the option “temporarily disable my account” to deactivate Instagram. 

In this part, they will also give you a wide range of reasons for you to choose, to explain why you want to deactivate Instagram account. 

Some things to consider

●  When you temporarily disable your account, you can activate it again by just logging in as usual. If you are afraid that you might do so accidentally on your phone, you could delete the app for a while. 

●  When permanently deleting an account, all of your followers and likes disappear forever. There is no way to gain them back if you regret your decision.