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Get on the Instagram Explore Page

How to Get on the Instagram Explore Page

December 31, 2020

If you're a marketer on social media, so Instagram is definitely at the forefront of your mind somewhere. It becomes important for you to think of how to leverage your influence with so many products on the web, each uploading their own exclusive material.

What is Instagram Explore Page

That is where you can support with the Instagram Explore tab. Getting on the Explore list is a sure-fire way to raise your posts' exposure significantly, generating a viral impact that in a brief amount of time brings you an extreme shot of interaction. There's no definite way to get yourself on this list, sadly. However, you'll be able to at least improve the odds of your post showing up on the list with any effort. 

But there is one query we need to resolve before we venture through any of that. 

What is the Explore Page on Instagram? 

For its users, the Instagram Explore page is where Instagram curates material. In their Discover tab, every user can see different stuff, and this is dependent on the posts they enjoy, and the people they follow. Simply placed, it's a series of posts that you might like, Instagram thinks. 

Instagram says that the Explore page is used by more than 50 percent of its users. And a lot of people, that is. Instagram has more than a billion daily users, which suggests that the Explore tab is regularly searched by 500 million users. 

But how can Instagram assess the posts on the page will appear? By their algorithm, that's determined, and they mean stuff like: 

Posts that have been enjoyed by those you follow 

High-engagement articles 

Comments from accounts equal to those you are now following 

Instagram did an update on their Explore website in the middle of 2019. To the top of the list, they introduced filters so that users will find unique material that they would like. Two separate filters were also pinned up to appear first: IGTV and Store. This is accompanied by topic-specific channels, and with some accounts, Instagram has even carried out Stories on the Explore list.

Advantages of getting on the Explore page

Advantages of getting on the Explore page

It should be evident by now that being on the Explore page has one apparent gain, with more users viewing your stuff. In turn, this will give you a number of other associated benefits: 

  • More engagement on the post on the Explore page was featured, as more individuals will now see the material. 
  • An increase in followers, because if they like your material, individuals who check out your profile from the Explore page will follow you. 
  • Increased participation, because of these new fans, in all subsequent blogs. 
  • More transformations, with correct CTAs.
Instagram Explore Page

How to get on the Instagram Explore page

1) Post while individuals are involved 

One of the greatest advice you'll learn from Instagram is to publish at the moments that your fans are most interested. This is excellent advice since the algorithm of Instagram prioritizes timeliness as one of the variables being seen for messages. 

What this means is that it'll be seen on the feeds of your fans if your article is completely fresh. And you're likely to get higher exposure, which is crucial to having your posts on the Explore list, if you can schedule the posts to when your followers are most interested. 

And luckily, it's not a complicated thing to do and figure out when your fans are more involved. You should head over to the Viewer segment of the Insights tab if you have an Instagram Company account and you would be able to see when your fans are most involved, whether by the hour and by the day. 

2) Find out the kind of posts that your community wants 

It's not enough if you're only blogging while your audience is online, to create a good message. You'll need to make sure you're sharing interesting and valuable material, as well. This is where you will be able to get the most engagement, because it is more probable that on Instagram's Explore list, your post will end up being featured. 

Pay particular attention to the kind of articles that offer you the most interaction. Does the crowd want videos rather than photos? Will they want the highest, carousel posts? Will they want motivational content or humorous content? If you can address these queries, you would be prepared with ample knowledge to create the right kind of posts for your audience, at the best times. And that guarantees a lot of interest in your blogs. 

Instagram's own analytics platform makes things even better, too. You will be able to filter the top performing posts/stories based on numerous different indicators under the Posts segment of Insights: interaction, scope, views, etc. Note the pattern? Terrific! Fantastic! Now you can take advantage of this data to make better posts for your product. 

And don't ignore that by utilizing a social network management app, you will still be able to gain similar feedback into your messages and interaction.

What is Explore Page

3) Learn from posts that are already on the Explore page

A technique that might actually work for you is looking at the articles on your Explore page that are already emerging. If you follow Instagram accounts or connect with posts related to your business, the Explore tab would give you lots of visibility about what kind of content the Instagram algorithm sees and what kind of content the prospective audience will like to see. 

If you find a post that has little to do with your business on the Explore side, chances are it has fantastic interaction. Remember, any post that pops up on the Explore page has something to benefit about. Take a close look at them, and worry of how any of those components might be integrated into your own blogs. 

4) Using the style of IGTV and purchasable articles 

It's a well-known reality that videos in all social platforms are the highest selling material. But it's no wonder Instagram drives the IGTV format strongly. To help content creators making more use of the feature, they have also opened an IGTV academy in London. 

It will function well using the IGTV style, since IGTV has a different section on the Explore tab, which is pinned right at the top as well. It might be a smart decision for your brand to build IGTV material, since it is clear that in the coming years, the Instagram algorithm would drive this kind of content harder. 

Shopping posts are often pinned to the top of the Explore list, close to IGTV. This is particularly perfect for your business if you're a B2C corporation. In these types of content, however, there's a lot of rivalry from other brands, so you'll have to guarantee that you make a perfect post and publish it for the most engagement at the right moment.

Explore Page Instagram

5) Use location tags and hashtags

On Instagram, place tags and hashtags are incredibly useful resources. They are a perfect way to make sure that more viewers on the channel will identify your updates, ensuring you will be able to meet users who are not aware of your network automatically (yet). 

And when you use them, make sure you only use tags that are applicable to the post to discourage spam. Using tags will increase the engagement earned by your posts dramatically and thereby enhance your odds of being featured on the Explore list. 

6) Using intervention calls 

We all realize by now that greater involvement in your articles is the secret to landing on the Explore list. One of the easiest strategies to make sure that your community is specifically motivated to interact with your articles by utilizing calls to action (CTAs). 

Use questions in your captions so that in the comments your supporters will react to them, thereby initiating a dialogue with you. You may also be blunt and encourage your followers in your articles to like, retweet, or tag their mates, as well. This is a perfect tactic that your brand would choose to run for competitions or giveaways. 

It can sometimes have a huge influence on interaction by merely requesting your audience to connect with your content, which can improve your odds of being featured on the Explore list.

Work with Influencers

7) Work with influencers

Finally, the company should even recommend partnering with business influencers, or your own niche inside the brand. This is a perfect opportunity for an audience that your influencer has already cultivated to improve your visibility and fuel interaction. This extra effort will help ensure that on the Explore page your post ends up being featured. 

For both your website and the influencer's page, Cross promotes the updates, and then even repurposes the material generated by the influencer for potential posts.