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How to Hit 10K Followers on Instagram: The Best Growth Strategies

January 03, 2021

“Instagram is the most important platform to grow your business ..." 

If you are a person who knows the impact that social networks have on business then you should know who Russell Brunson is. So when the successful businessman said these words at this year's Funnel Hacking Live in Orlando, my life changed. Brunson one of the biggest influencers and entrepreneurs at the moment ... 

He said everything I had been telling my students for the last year. It was just at that moment that my passion for helping freelancers and entrepreneurs develop their business through Instagram returned. I thought then, reach to 10K followers on Instagram, is it really important? 

Increase Instagram Followers

Why Instagram can be considered the most important social network?

Russell's perspective on social media is that each platform (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) works like its own television. I mean, his television is your smartphone. And for this case, Instagram would be his Reality Show. When it comes to Instagram Stories they are too important, especially for: 

• Share your reality show 

• Take viewers to a particular experience 

• Product positioning • Launch of applications, brands ... 

• And best of all, the option to say. 


In simple words, SWIPE-UP is a function that allows inserting ANY link through Stories. That is, you no longer have to direct your followers to the only link in your bio. Why don't I have this feature? Don't worry, once you reach 10K followers on Instagram, you can use the SWIPE-UP. Perhaps reaching that amount can be overwhelming, especially if you just opened your account. But, it is easier if you do it little by little, so you must first get your first 1K. With my detailed guide of practical steps, you can do it in 30 days. Once you get it, you can implement these growth tactics on Instagram that will help you reach 10K followers. 

Organic Instagram Followers

How to get 10K followers on Instagram? 

I know that reaching 10K followers may seem difficult, however, if you follow these steps you will reach your goal very quickly: 

1. Start collaborating Instagram has a great advantage over the rest of the other social networks, the sense of community. Exchanges with people from other countries and cultures are relatively easy and beneficial. Take advantage of this to reach people in your niche who have a similar number of followers. Once you assimilate this, reaching 10K followers on Instagram will be much easier. In my Insta-Growth Boss course, I talk about creating private groups and its benefit in improving post-performance on your followers' feeds. Also, you can use the screams of Instagram Story, in this way you can collaborate with other influencers while still exposing your account to similar audiences of others. 

2. Reply some DMs to your ideal followers Instagram is based on image and relationships, those people who understand it can reach 10K followers on Instagram. It's important to build a community of influencers in your niche, but you should also do the same with their followers. You don't need to know her intimate life, just be human. Just ask a question. Talk about a similar interest. Give them a genuine compliment, take this opportunity to find out what motivates them, their problems and how to help them. PS: These conversations are GOLD, with them, you could meet your ideal client on a deeper level. Transform those needs and comments into future programs and offers, this will positively impact the profitability of your business. 

3. Level Up Your Instagram Stories Game Stories are a tool to give your customers a glimpse of your brand and humanize it. Plus, they're a great way to drive engagement and give your account visibility. 

How to do it? 

Simply apply these steps: 

1. Create Story Templates By using a blank fill-in template you can get more information from your followers. Let them share their own stories as they learn with yours.

2. Use a Branded Hashtag With a simple giveaway, you can make your followers use the hashtag in their own Stories to participate. Although, participating for them is not a victory, having them share your content and the hashtag with their followers is already again for you. 

3. Get creative with your content Think differently. Create something of your own that your followers would like to capture and share in their Stories. You can use inspirational quotes, sayings, or even wallpapers. 

4. Invest in Instagram ads If reaching 10K followers is one of your priorities, one of your best options is to use Instagram's ads feature for your posts. While you can't run an ad just to gain followers (like on other social networks), you can use the conversion features to increase the reach of your post or increase clicks on one of your choice.