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how to see who viewed your instagram video

How to See Who has Viewed Your Instagram Video in 2 Ways

December 19, 2020

Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories are two tools that really impact and power your visibility or brand on the net. These are ways that allow you to use all of the Instagram power. If you want to get more followers, just load videos there, and going to do. But, how to know who viewed your Instagram videos?  How many visits have your videos? Here we tell you how knowing it. 

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Who your Instagram videos viewers are?

Maybe you don't have thinking the relevance answer this question. But, knowing who viewed your Instagram videos is quite relevant to increase your engagement on the Internet.

Obviously, only getting Instagram videos viewers is not enough. You have to be able to get more likes on your Instagram videos too. And this depends on visitors of your videos and stories interact by making comments. While more remarks and Instagram Likes, you will be more popular. So, if you want it, you could get extra money on the Internet.

There are some stats about it. Among other metrics of Instagram to help you, you should take into account the following.

·  Views. Represents the number of users who have viewed your Instagram videos for at least three seconds.

·  Impressions. The number of reproductions of your videos.

·  Reach. Reach. Instagram videos viewers who have seen your videos. Regardless of how long they last watching them or if they go to the end.

·  Likes. It is in the number of Instagram viewers who have liked your videos.

·  Comments. It is the number of users who have posted a comment on your video.

·  Saves. How many people, after they saw your videos, have saved them in their Instagram collections.

·  Follows. The number of followers you get with each video.

·  Messages. It is the number of times your videos have been shared with other users through direct messages.

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Ways to know who has viewed your Instagram videos

Although many apps can do it for you, better try by yourself. The reason is that they might hacker your account and steal your personal data.

However, if you have a personal account, Instagram doesn't allow you to know the user names who have seen your videos. What you can do is find out the number of users who have watched your videos. Also, who like them and those who leave a comment. That is the metrics Views, Likes, and Comments. The procedure is easy, just following these steps.

1.  Enter in your Instagram Account.

2.  Select the videos which you want to know the metrics mentioned above.

3.  Click on the lower part video.

4.  Then, you can view these metrics there by clicking on their emoji. For example, on the views counter.

Some people can't possibly see this emoji on their cell phones. They should download updates of their system from GooglePlay (Android) or AppStore (iPhone). The reason is that this function is only on devices with Instagram version 7.17.1 or upper.

In the case that you want to see this information accessing on your feed, just select there the videos that interest you. Then, touch on the lower part and will see these metrics. Anyway, take into account that the user names only can see on Instagram enterprise accounts.

As you have read, you can know who has seen your Instagram videos. But if you want to increase your Instagram viewers, better you worry about uploading quality videos.