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How to use Instagram Dark Mode

How to Use Instagram Dark Mode in 4 Easy Steps

November 15, 2020

Using Instagram dark mode can bring great benefits for you and your mobile. More and more people are wondering how to activate the dark mode of Instagram since it is one of the most useful functionalities of this social network.

Here we will tell you what you should do to activate your Instagram dark mode on your Android or iOS mobile. We will also tell you the benefits you get for your mobile and your health by frequently using the Instagram dark mode.

Benefits of using the Instagram dark mode

The dark mode is increasingly popular in applications of massive use, such as social networks, messaging, among others. And this is because it provides benefits for the mobile and its user. We describe below the main benefits of using Instagram dark mode:

• Extend the useful life of your battery: Using Instagram dark mode allows your cell phone to save more battery. This is because the black pixels on your screen consume less power and require less brightness to view your content.

Benefits of Instagram Dark Mode

• Reduces eye fatigue: By requiring less brightness, the dark screen favors the user's eyes, since it does not require a very high brightness to appreciate the content correctly.

Take into account that by saving the battery you will be reducing the number of times you charge it, therefore, it will extend the useful life. This is especially important in this technological age where most mobile devices come with a built-in non-removable battery.

How to use Instagram dark mode on iPhone?

Activating the Instagram dark mode on your iPhone is very simple, you just have to take into account that you can activate this function if you have iOS 13 onwards. To start enjoying the benefits of a dark mode on Instagram, you just have to perform the following 4 steps:

How to Use Instagram Dark Mode

4 easy steps

1. Go to the configuration of your mobile iPhone.

2. Select the option “Display and Brightness”.

3. To change the theme, click on the "dark" option.

4. Open Instagram and check the changes.

Easily activate Instagram dark mode on Android

To activate the Instagram dark mode on your Android mobile you also require 4 simple steps. You should only have as a minimum requirement an operating system that works with Android 10 onwards. 

1. Open your Instagram application on Mobile.

2. Go to your profile and click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right.

3. Open the settings and then locate the option "theme"

4. Select the option "dark" and voila, start enjoying its benefits.

Using Instagram dark mode will also allow you to enjoy a better color contrast in the content. It is proven that observing photos and videos with a black background allows you to better appreciate the details that exist in the composition. Follow these simple steps and start enjoying the benefits of Instagram dark mode.