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Improve Your Instagram Engagement in 8 Easy Steps

December 15, 2020

Instagram Application: 

Instagram is a photo-sharing social app that allows users to share their videos, stories, and pictures where people can connect from different areas easily. Instagram is a powerful tool for growing your business, cultivating an audience online. 

Over one billion people are using Instagram every month, and it is a platform that returns on investment (ROI). 

You need engagement for reaping the rewards, not an audience. All you need comments, likes, and shares to increase Instagram engagement resonates with your content with the people who ever see it. There is no shortcut for quality engagement. So take the time to craft your unique and creative post, encourage conversation, and connect genuinely with your followers.  

What do we mean by Instagram engagement?

Engagement is counting your views or followers and how much people are commenting, liking, and sharing your post. It's about how much interaction your audience makes with your content. Strong engagement is a critical factor in Instagram's algorithm. The higher engagement of the post, boosted quickly in the newsfeed, attracting more eyes and attention.

Instagram, engagement is measured by the following things:

  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Saves
  • Followers and growth
  • Mentions (tagged or untagged)
  • Branded hashtags
  • Click-throughs
  • DMs

What is a reasonable Instagram engagement rate?

Engagement rate mostly measures the amount of interaction your social content earns relative to your followers or reach. Most social media marketing experts believe that strong engagement is between 1% to 5%. Some believe that the average Instagram engagement rate is 4.59%.

4.21% can be achieved by engaging your post or content by likes, shares, and comments from followers or people who are using Instagram. 4.21% is a higher rate than most social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

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8 effective ways to increase Instagram engagement: 

People want to increase followers organically rather than paying money to get fake followers. This article discusses 8 effective ways to increase followers, engagement on Instagram posts to ensure your paid and organic marketing campaigns continue to hit their mark. Post pictures, videos, or share your stories with followers and consistently update your profile, helping you boost engagements.

1: Post video content:

 The video is both eye-catching and engaging. So engaging that posts with video receive about 38% more engagement than images. Video content does not need too much editing. There are many tools to help you combine scenes, add in music or text, just download a free or paid video editing app. 

2: Share great images:

Instagram is a visual medium. To thrive on the platform, creating images that stand out from the news feed is essential. Even if you're not a great photographer or graphic designer, there are many tools for helping you give your pic a little artistic touch.

3: Create savable content:

Creating savable material that your audience will want to save in their profile will boost some engagements, too. 

Instagram accounts create simple-to-grasp reference material on various complex topics perfect for saving in a Collection or Story Highlight.

4: Build a strong brand:

Creativity and consistency are crucial elements to build brand awareness and engagements on Instagram. A strong brand is one where you focus on core areas like presenting your profile, creating style patterns that keep your images looking fresh, and using hashtags, wisely. Interacting regularly with your followers is a way to build up engagement, trust, and loyalty.

Clear vision, shareable content, creative and aesthetics images help boost your brand on social sites where you can present a positive image of your brand to the targeted audience. 

5: Create a branded hashtag:

The best way to increase engagement is by using a general branded hashtag. The hashtags should be precise, memorable, use rhyming words, and include your brand name in hashtags as a unique way to generate traffic. A branded and popular hashtags benefits in making your content more discoverable, driving traffic to your profile, and creates a stronger community around your brand. It will also help you in organizing your content, making it easily findable and trackable.

Posting a hashtag in bio also boosts engagement that would be visible to anyone visiting your profile. Creating hashtags and posting them on your bio for a specific campaign or competition, showcase brand advocates, or encourage user-generated content.

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6: Use Instagram traffic to increase website traffic:

Instagram traffic or audience can help boost visits to your website with the platform allowing for a single clickable link in your bio.

Generate an audience on your website by giving special offers and promotions to encourage followers to click the link. You can also combine strong calls to action with your URL in a text overlay on any photos or videos. 

Don't forget that all ad formats on Instagram offer a call-to-action button that followers can click to take them to your website. Work with them to promote your URL in their content if you've partnered with an influencer.

Finally, to ensure you can view relevant traffic stats, utilize analytics software to obtain information on which Instagram content is driving traffic to your website to target your campaign further.

7: Host an Instagram contest:

Hosting contests is a powerful engagement tool on Instagram, which generates 3.5 times more likes and 64 times more comments than regular posts.

Few accounts host contests. So, the chances are very few to boost engagement. Start hosting your own Instagram contest so many audiences will reach out to you. 

The giveaway is a prevalent contest form on Instagram. It includes giving away a product or service, and by following your account, liking the post, and tagging their friends in your post, users join the contest. This can be an effective technique to raise interaction and brand recognition if the giveaway is performed well.

8: Get partners and brand advocates to post your content:

It's essential to know your audience's value when you're learning how to get more Instagram followers. The greater the number of your followers grows (organically), the more you will have buyers and potential customers.

Standing in front of them and being there is the best way to get customers to follow you. Try sponsoring user-generated content in customer feeds to get your name. To get your brand out to a broader audience, you can also hold Instagram contests. By demonstrating that your fans have invested enough to repost your content or construct their own UGC, these campaigns build social proof.

9: Make your Instagram followers happy (Bonus):

Make your followers happy on Instagram by giving them giveaways. For many accounts, this means sprinkling in posts designed to bring a smile to followers' faces and build customer relationships. Provide content to your followers, as this might include posting memes, inspirational content, or just re-sharing interesting photos or artwork (all adequately credited, of course) that can entertain them and make their day good. They might get motivated to hear from your stories as well.

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10: Go live (Bonus):

Using Instagram Live streaming or live video is a great way to connect with your audience, which builds engagement. Post visualize content on your profile because 80% of audiences would rather watch a live stream video than reading a blog post. 

In Live video, you can answer questions live, read their comments live, welcome viewers by name, and generally welcome your audience into your world in an intimate, engaging way. You can also use Instagram live shopping features and in building an e-commerce audience.

11: Write strong captions (Bonus):

A picture worth a thousand words caption, but a thousand words should be worthy of that picture. So, Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters in length and up to 30 hashtags. Use strong and enchanting words in your caption to get the attention of the reader. Good captions have a significant impact on your products and showcase your brand's personality.

Like any considerable brand, share their story in the caption and ask their followers to share their life experiences with them, increasing engagement and audiences. 

12: Respond to questions and comments (Bonus):

 Respond to your fan by replying to their comments. Make a session on Instagram stories for questions and answers. Try to remain polite while answering the queries and responding to their messages. In response to all your fans and followers, posting a new photo and video content is the only polite way to respond.

Participate in conversations with your followers and make them feel special, seen and heard, and excited to chat with you again in the future.

Bottom Line:

If you want followers or are thinking of being a social influencer, celebrity, or social person, your Instagram profile should be like a business profile or account. Post regularly for organic followers. By following the above tips for Instagram best practices in 2021, you can maximize your Instagram channel's potential. So no matter how the network evolves, you can increase Instagram engagement by engaging with your followers and fans and keep those likes, shares, and comments growing.