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Instagram Limitations and Rules

Instagram Limitations and Rules

October 18, 2020

Not knowing about the rules doesn’t mean we can break them. But is so much better when we know. That way we avoid doing the wrong things. 

A lot of people might not know this, but the Internet has rules. Those rules are placed there so we can all have fun and avoid bad behavior. Every social media network has its own rules and Instagram is no exception. 

In the next few sections, we will tell you all that you need to know about Instagram Limits, rules, and no-no’s to be a good online citizen. 

Why respecting Instagram rules is important? 

To be a good person is a pretty good reason, but let’s not forget that bad behavior has immediate consequences online. In Instagram’s case, is the Ban, Blocking, or termination of your IG Account.

An active Ban happens when you do certain actions very quickly, for example giving a lot of likes or following and unfollowing people in a short period. The algorithm then picks up your actions like you were a spam bot, and then Instagram limits certain functions of your account for a brief time. 

The infamous shadow banning is when you tag your post with suspicious #hashtags. These keywords might have been identified as Instagram restrictions, internally. Hence, you end up doing something suspicious. In return, Instagram limits the reach of your post by not allowing it to surface when looking for those keywords.  

Lastly, full bans on Instagram work when you violate Instagram rules openly. Moderation of the site then decides to terminate your account permanently. 

Instagram Limits

Which are the basic Instagram Restrictions to take into consideration? 

Certain behavioral patterns have been deemed as normal by the IG algorithm. To go over these Instagram restrictions might end up in temporary or permanent deactivation of your account. 

●  You can only do 60 follow request per hour

●  You can only give 60 likes per account, per hour

●  You can only write 60 comments under the same post at a time

●  You can only send 60 DM’s per hour 

●  The content on your DM’s can’t be violent or vulgar, if you are denounced by another user, for this reason, your account will be terminated. 

●  You can’t do more than 1440 activities a day (follows, likes, comments, DM’s, etc)

●  You can’t post violent or immoral content on your profile

●  You can’t buy or sell an Instagram account

●  You should not log in to more than 3 devices at a time on Instagram. They might deem this behavior as hacking. 

●  You shouldn’t buy followers and likes. The behavior of these spambots can put at great risk your account. Is strictly against Instagram rules. 

●  Some certain products and services are not allowed for promotion and sale on Instagram. 

Instagram Rules

Other things to consider when talking about Instagram limits

●  If your account is brand new, all of the limits market on 60 are marked to 30.

●  If your account is hacked, it can be restored.

●  If you have issues with uploading posts, this is not a limitation problem, is a regular misfunction and can be fixed. 

●  If your account is older, or if you have a lot of followers and engagement, the limits are laxer.