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Is Instagram Good For Marketing?

December 30, 2020

Marketing has become very important when it comes to promoting business. This is because businesses have switched to online platforms to get more traffic ad more sales. The benefits of switching to online platforms are immense and most start-ups and online businesses have made online marketing their main way of getting more traffic.

When deciding to use social media, it is important to find out which social platform your audience uses a lot and try your best to build your brand on that social media platform. Most brands that have conducted research have said that most of their audience used Facebook, youtube, and Instagram a lot to check out an online business, whether through ads or manually going through the brand's social media pages.

Instagram has been discovered to be the most preferred by customers because of its easy navigation because all people need to do is scroll upwards or downwards.

But is Instagram worth using for your influencer marketing campaigns and other online marketing strategies?

Instagram users are usually online a lot more times than any other social media users.

Here are some of the features to look out for when using Instagram as your brand’s main social media marketing platform:

Instagram stories:

Instagram stories give a more personal feel to the brand. The stories can be used to show the small bits and the brand, for example, the productions of the product, people involves involved in the making of the product, and even some of the messages from satisfied customers. 

They can be used to put up posts that have been posted by the brand. 

They can also be used to get engagement by putting up stickers with questions about the product, what they like about the product and what they dislike as well. 



These are denoted by the use of # before any words written in the caption or bios of the product. Hashtags are important because they allow your product to be seen by people who don’t even follow you. They are used mainly in post captions. This is very important because people click on Hashtags to look for similar content to your work  Some other similar brands may use your hashtags as well this promoting social networking between brands. 


This is a feature that allows brands to post long formatted videos about the product. Brands that use this feature can manage to get an increased flow of traffic to their pages because people can view and repost it on their stories. They have to be interesting videos that have been properly edited as professionally as possible.

How to measure the success of your social media marketing on Instagram

It is important to use the Instagram insights to see how well your marketing strategy is going. Instagram Insights is a feature available for business account owners that allows the brands to find out facts about their page.

They are used to show the following:

·  They are used to see which people interact with your posts and their preferences when it comes to your posts and stories.

·  They also give a breakdown of who your target audience should be and more background information about them and their frequent logging in times.