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What is Instagram Insight

What is Instagram Insight?

October 11, 2020

Instagram Insights is an analytics platform that is open to any company account on Instagram. It offers data on content, profiles of fans, and interaction. This data helps you to map and evaluate the marketing strategies for Instagram to help you grow continuously.

Instagram Insight is a powerful and free analytics tool that can help you in many ways. Among other things, Instagram Insight can help you to:

·  Check your followers’ demographics.

·  View the behavior of your follower base.

·  Analyze your content data.

·  Compare the success of your posts.

·  Measure the growth of your account.

As a native tool of Instagram, Instagram Insight is available without cost on each business account. If you have a personal account and want to access Instagram Insight, you only need to switch your account to a business one.

Instagram Insight

Switching to business

Changing your personal Instagram account to a business one is easy and free. Just go to your Instagram app and follow the next steps:

1.  Set your profile to Public because Private accounts can’t switch to business.

2.  Tap “Settings” on the mobile app.

3.  Tap “Account”.

4.  Tap “Switching to Business Profile/Professional Account”.

5.  Select a Facebook page to associate with your Instagram account.

6.  Check that the “Set Up Your Business Profile” page shows the correct data and fix anything you want.

7.  Tap “Done”.

That’s it! Now you have a Business Account and can enjoy everything Instagram Insight has in store for you. So let us start with some of the things you can do with Instagram Insight.

Check the demographics and behavior of your followers

Once you get 100 or more followers, on the Insights homepage you will view data of their demographics like their gender, age group, and location. If you want to see more details, you just have to Tap See More and it will open a page with graphs that include extra more details. 

You can segment follower data by:

Gender: Percentage of men and women in your followers.

Age range: The range of age of your followers. You can also filter the age of men and women by separate.

Top locations: The place where your followers are, you can filter it by cities and countries.

Online times: The time your followers are connected, you can filter it by hours and days.

This data will help you make better posts to target the audience you want by making specific content and publishing it at the right time.

Using Instagram Insight

View Data for Posts

With Instagram Insight, you can view data of multiple posts at the same time or check the metrics of a single post. Specifically, you can check:

Content Type: Photos, videos, and carousel posts.

Metrics: Comments, engagement, impressions, likes, reach, and saved posts.

Timeframe: Filtered by 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years.

This data will help you improve the quality of your posts and content and tailor them to make your campaigns achieve goals. You will also be able to see how engaging is your content and how much it is growing over time.

Get your Stories’ Data

With Instagram Insight, you can access insights for your Instagram stories from its’ homepage or directly from an individual post. Once there, you can filter stories data by:

Time: filtered by 14 days, 24 hours, or 7 days.

Action: Taps forward, taps back, exits, replies, and swipes away.

This data will show you if your stories are engaging your followers or if they are ignoring your posts after watching them once.