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What is My Instagram URL

What is my Instagram URL or Instagram Post URL?

November 22, 2020

Maybe you use Instagram just to share your photos and videos with family and friends. However, many people obtain extra profits from the followers they have on this social network. In these cases, it is essential to know your Instagram post URL or Instagram URL. But before we explain how easy it is to get this Instagram data back, let's quickly see when you'll need it.

The advantages of knowing the Instagram URL

When you created your Instagram user, perhaps you did it just so that your close friends could see your photos and videos on the net. However, you can take advantage of Instagram if you increase the number of your followers.

·  Among others, some ways to monetize your account on Instagram are the following. 

·  Creating links in your publications to accounts of other users.

·  Publishing products from affiliate accounts. 

·  Creating your store on Instagram.

And there are other ways, but they all have the same base: get at least 10k loyal followers. That is, those who follow you must have a high interaction with your publications by creating comments. And for this is you must know and share your Instagram URL.

Also, knowing the Instagram Post URL, your followers will be able to give credit to your photos and videos and generate other users to visit your account. This makes it possible for many of them to become new followers, increasing the possibility of monetizing your account.

How to share Instagram URL

How to share Instagram URL

First of all, you don't need special technical knowledge to know this information. It is enough that you know what your username is. The Instagram URL is formed by replacing the username in the text string "www.instagram.com/InsertUsernameHere" For example, the Instagram URL of user mikefontana is www.instagram.com/mikefontana. Simple enough, don't you think? You will be able to share your Instagram URL using Instagram Direct.

With this option, a message is sent to anyone with the information of your profile. The recipient will receive your name, your username, and some of the photographs you have published. You just have to follow these steps.

1.  Open your Instagram account. 

2.  Click on the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the page, those horizontally for iPhone or those that appear vertically for users with Android devices. 

3.  Select the Share this profile option. 

4.  Then select all the people you want to send your profile to. You can choose up to a maximum of 30 people.

5.  Now just click Submit.

How to Share Instagram Post URL

Want to share the Instagram Post URL?

Having an Instagram Post URL, anyone can open the post and then save it to their account or share it with other users. You can get the Instagram Post URL by copying the link that appears in your browser's address bar when viewing the post. Then you can send it to whoever you want to share it. 

You can also share it by clicking the ellipsis icon above the post and then clicking "Share to" Next, select, among the following, the option you prefer.

·  With Instagram Direct. 

·  Using Facebook, Messenger, or Twitter. 

·  Sending an email. 

·  Copying the link. 

·  See everything. So that the rest of the options to share the Instagram Post URL appear.

So, you already know how to get the Instagram URL or the Instagram Post URL. Start by sharing them with your best friends and family, and you will have thousands of followers.