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What is the Instagram Swipe Up Feature?

September 29, 2020

An​ Instagram introduces a new feature, “swipe up,” which means your account has been deemed worthy of having the tool that allows other users to add links to their Instagram Stories. If a user links something to a story slide, the viewer and followers can swipe up from the bottom, leading to that user's designated link. Before proceeding further, read the article to know what the Instagram swipe-up tool is?

Here are some tips on how to add a link to your Instagram Story for people to “swipe up” on:

Instagram swipe-up tool:

The Instagram swipe-up tool transforms companies’ and influencers’ way to reach their audiences and gain more followers by adding links directly to their Instagram Stories. Their followers and viewers can swipe up on a story or tap an arrow to the bottom of their screen to access a link without leaving the Instagram app. It's also an effective way to promote various content and products to optimise posts while providing powerful analytics.

Instagram Swipe Up

Instagram swipe up requirements:

There are certain requirements before using the swipe-up tool, which is mandatory for you to fulfill, such as:

  • Set your profile as a Business Profile,
  • Have followers over 10,000 or buy 10K followers to use the feature,


  • You should have a verified account (The blue checkmarks beside a profile
    that indicates that Instagram has confirmed this account and it is the authentic presence of the social media influencer, celebrity, or global brand)

How you can add links to your Instagram story:

Adding links to your Instagram Stories is an authentic way to increase your engagements by boosting organic engagement. It will make it easier for your followers to access your account through the post’s engagements. If you reached 10,000 followers, you could easily use the swipe-up link.

1. Sign in to Instagram and click the camera icon at the top left of your phone screen.

2. Select a photo or video from your gallery which you want to post on your story.

3. Click the link icon and place it in the top middle of your screen. 4. Paste your link (whether it’s a URL or IGTV).

5. If you have an iOS device, click on the “Done” option. But, if you are an Android user, click on the green check.

6: You can now easily add the content or post to your story. Go back to your story and post!

Swipe Up

There are some opportunities when you add links to your Instagram Stories, like:

  • Basic link sharing gives an insightful to the article, links to your online shop send your followers to your latest blog post.
  • View product feature will allow your followers to click on shoppable links so they can view product details in real-time on the app.
  • Bring people right to your Instagram profile shop with the view shop option.
  • Direct people to view your collection of products. Create collections by going to your Commerce Manager and setting up exciting promotions for your followers.
  • Track your metrics for optimizing after setting the first Swipe. If you don't get as many swipes as you want and be clear to your followers, let them know what you want them to do and not overload one post with too much information.

Who can use Instagram story links?

The only drawback of the Instagram swipe-up feature is that only verified account holders or accounts with 10K followers can use it. Gaining followers is not so difficult now, as now you can buy 10,000 followers organically from https://flowlinecenter.com/buy-instagram-followers​ with superb and moderate charges. It will be easy for you to sell your products online, and having many followers can give you so many career growth opportunities.


The Swipe-up feature of Instagram is so handy. It will drive traffic to your profile, and organically you can get more followers. The swipe-up feature will give speedy information to your followers. You can sell your products; you can advertise others’ blog posts, promote business, virtual events, etc.