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Where Is Instagram Clipboard

Where Is Instagram Clipboard?

November 7, 2020

The Instagram clipboard is a tool that we all want to know how to handle perfectly. Since it makes it much easier for us to share publications with fairly long and descriptive texts. This helps especially those who work in the management of social networks and write content on other platforms.

Learning to copy and paste to the Instagram clipboard your life will be easier. Copy large extensions of text from other platforms and easily edit them on Instagram. Here we will tell you how to learn to use the clipboard on Instagram posts easily and quickly.

How to use the clipboard on Instagram posts?

The news section is one of the parts where it is most frequent to use the Instagram clipboard. Because it makes it much easier to place the text we want in our publication after having copied it or written it on another platform. Follow these simple steps and you will learn how to use the clipboard in Instagram posts:

1. Locate the website or platform where you want to get the text from, copy it and open the Instagram application.

2. Once in the Instagram app, click on the "+" icon inside a box and your gallery will immediately open.

Clipboard on Instagram Posts

3. Select the image or photo you want to post and then select the arrow that indicates “next”.

4. If you like, put a filter on the image or edit the colors and size of the image. Once this is done, click on the "next" arrow again.

5. You will then see a screen with your thumbnail image and a box with the phrase "write a caption or video", press and hold for a moment on this phrase.

6. Next, you will see the Instagram clipboard click on it.

7. You will see that the clipboard is displayed with the texts copied previously, choose the one that corresponds.

8. Edit the text if necessary and finish configuring it to publish.

You should know that the clipboard in publications of the "news" section can only copy and paste the text. If you need to publish images from other platforms in this section, you must download and upload them from the gallery.

How to use the Instagram Stories clipboard?

For Instagram stories, you can also use the clipboard. Follow these steps that are similar to the previous ones and you will quickly find the clipboard in the stories:

1. Locate the text on the website or platform, copy it, and open the Instagram application.

2. Open Instagram and at the beginning swipe left to see the camera.

3.  In the camera, slide your finger up and select an image from your gallery.

4. When the selected photo appears on the screen, click on the “Aa” icon that appears in the upper right corner.

5. Press for a moment on the text editor that will appear in the center of the screen.

6. The Instagram clipboard will appear, select the text to paste and you're done.

A very important piece of information is that on the Instagram clipboard for stories you can add images that you have copied from other platforms. If you are on the web, simply press and select "copy image", then go to step 5 of how to use the clipboard in Instagram stories and select it.