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Where to Look for Your Most Recently Liked Instagram Posts

October 14, 2020

Let’s not beat around the bush, you are here because you can’t find your most recent likes on Instagram posts.

But you don’t need to worry because that is completely normal. After all, Instagram posts tend to lose themselves in space after you like them unless you copy the post URL and send it to yourself. 

The good news? The Instagram posts you liked don't get lost. They just hid so well that you think they are gone forever. And we are going to tell you step by step how to find them once more.

Where should you look for your most recently liked Instagram posts?

To find your recently liked posts on Instagram, you only need to follow these steps:

1.  Sign in to your Instagram account.

2.  Tap the profile icon on the menu.

3.  Use the hamburger menu button and select “Settings”.

4.  Choose “Account” from the list.

5.  Tap “Posts You've Liked”.

Liked Posts

What can you do now that you can find the Instagram posts you have liked?

With access to the posts you have liked on Instagram you can do a lot of things. For example, you can:

·  Look for new accounts to follow in the posts you liked checking the Explore tab.

·  Read the captions you missed.

·  Read and participate in the new comments and discussions on a post as more people see it in their feeds and its following base grows.

·  Share the posts you liked with your friends, family and SO.

·  Check again the contact information products, services, and promotions you didn’t save.

·  Find food recipes, workout routines, makeup tutorials, and anything you liked but forgot to write down.

In short, being able to find the Instagram posts you liked will let you turn your account into a logbook. You will be able to bookmark the things you find interesting and come back later to check them again.

Liked Photos

What limits does your Bookmarking have?

However, as useful as bookmarking the Instagram posts you liked is, it is not a limitless tool.

The maximum number of Instagram posts you will be able to save at once is 300. That means you can only check again the most recent 300 liked posts, be it photos or videos. While it may seem like much, you need to remember that each day you probably see and like hundreds of posts.

This means that, depending on your usage, the posts you may be able to revisit will likely be those in the most recent weeks or even days.

Another detail to remember is that to save your liked posts you need to like them using the Instagram mobile app or the web. However, you will only see the liked posts in the app. 

If you use a third-party app to like the posts, there is no guarantee that your account will save them and you may find a sad surprise later on.

Finally, your account will only keep the liked Instagram posts. This does not include the posts you comment on or the posts you shared. To save them for later, you have to like them by tapping the heart button or double-tapping the post.

So, if you plan to check the post again, make sure you hit that heart button, even if you only want to leave a comment at the moment.