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10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach

December 23, 2020

People with business on Instagram have seen a decline in their product engagement and most of them do not like the new Instagram algorithm. The new algorithm is a bit strange but once you understand how it works and follows the pointers I will give in the article, you will be fine.

One has to learn and understand how the new algorithm works for one to manipulate it however you want for your business.

Below are the ten ways to use to easily boost your Instagram reach with the new algorithm:

1.  Using the new Instagram stories feature:

It is not yet popular with other business owners on Instagram but it is a good way to give your followers a better look into the business. One can post videos about what is behind the scenes of the production of the product, the people involved in the production, and even a few customer feedback posts which can be later put on the highlights feature. This helps your followers look forward to seeing your stories and so long as you keep it interesting, you will always get views and engagements.

One could also use it for announcing giveaways, flash sales, and other small competitions here and there.  Also one could put up the posts that have just been put up on the feed to direct your followers to your feed.

2.  Going live on your Instagram

This can be done once in a while. It gives a personal connection between the followers and the business page and allows for engagement between the followers and the brand owner. 

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Becoming a good Instagram user

3.  Becoming a good Instagram user

This generally means to become a pro at using Instagram. Do your research on how to make Instagram work for you. Also, go through the app and find out about how to use filters and even follow pages where they explain how filters add to the aesthetic of a business page.

4.  Ask questions about your business

It could be reviews about your product to what they do not like about your posts. Asking questions adds spice to your posts or stories and encourages engagement as they answer the questions. This also helps you gather information and feedback about your feedback as well.

5.  Find a regular posting time

This is done by monitoring the time your target audience is mostly online in their different time zones as well. You can use Instagram insights to find out that information. That information dictates the time you will set a regular posting time with. You could now schedule Instagram posting times and ensure you create high-quality content to post at that time every day.

6.  Use videos for your posts

Normally, pictures tend to get more engagement on the timeline with all the likes and comments. That is what has been going around until recently where it was discovered that videos get more engagement as compared to videos. How so? This is because, once the views of one video are compared with the likes of a picture advertising the same thing, are double the number. This is because videos capture one's attention and if interesting enough can be watched by so many people who like or dislike your content who don't have to leave a like behind.

7.  Posting less

This does not necessarily post less. It means that quality has to be greater than quantity. It is better to post one edited photo per day rather than posts twenty low-quality pictures. This will help your posts get better responses, especially positive ones. it also gives your brand a better outlook. It is important to posts pictures relating to the theme of the brand

Create content to be used on Instagram only

8.  Create content to be used on Instagram only

This is important because what brands post on different social media is usually targeted to achieve something different. This is why it is advised that if the content is created, it should be for Instagram specifically then one could put it on other social media platforms if they would want to.

9.  Using Instagram ads

This helps grow and promote businesses. By using Instagram ads, not only do you get to reach your followers, but you also get to showcase your platform to people who have not heard about your business thus one has to be very professional when it comes to ads. The brand needs well-edited photos and videos, short but catchy videos, explaining more about the brand. It is advisable to add contacts towards the end of the advertisement.

10.  Making user-generated content

This generally means creating content specifically for your target audience. This means creating content that is easily relatable to your target audience. This means you have to know who your target audience is and what they like. This can be done by using Instagram insights where you get to find out about your audience; their age, time zones and what their favorites posts about your brand, and their not-so-likes posts from your brand. This is very important in making user-generated content and should not be overlooked.