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How Can Small Businesses Attract A Large Following

How Can Small Businesses Attract A Large Following?

October 15, 2020

Instagram has become extremely popular among all ages nowadays. Beforehand it used to be only used to post aesthetics and photos of us with friends on social media but businesses have begun using it as a social media platform to create awareness for their products.

How do they do that, you ask?

Most businesses have people who have been hired to actively manage the business social media pages mainly on Instagram. They are known as social media managers and are usually young people who know their way around social media platforms very well. 

What do they do with the social media platforms they handle?

They are meant to make sure that the business’ Instagram page is updated often. They make posts either about their products or content related to what they sell or the skills they are offering. They also ensure the rate cards for the businesses are updated when there is a new change in the prices of the product being offered. They are also expected to keep up with the new and ever-changing trends in the business market.

Below are some of the tips most successful small businesses have used to attract a large following for their pages:

a)  Consistency and themes for your posts

Consistency is, in simpler terms, posting about the product regularly. It is recommended to make a theme surrounding your posts. Making themes on the business page doesn't have to be hard. The simplest way to do it is to have a simple order on how you make your posts, for example, you could make a row or a column have photos with black borders. It's that easy. Consistency will also ensure that your newly gained followers do not easily lose interest and can regularly see your new products. Making themes for your posts is aesthetically pleasing and brings more followers to your page.

b)  Having a consistent posting schedule

We have talked about posting regularly but it’s also important for it to schedule your posts. It is best to decide on a time during the day when most people are on their phones to be your regular posting time to get more audience. For example, if statistics show that people are usually on social media in the morning on their way to work, you could schedule your posting time to be 7 in the morning.

Use Hashtags

c)  Using proper appropriate hashtags

Instagram has done a lot of changes to its algorithm especially. The new algorithm especially favors businesses and hashtags. Why are hashtags so important you ask?

Let us say, for instance, one needs new home décor, if they don't have any specific pages in mind, they could just go and such up hashtags with the term décor in it and go through posts in the searches.  By using proper hashtags related to your post and using them as much as possible, your posts will often appear at the top of those hashtags thus getting a bigger audience through it.

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d)  Using Instagram’s geo-tag feature

This can be done especially during event sales where you bring your products to events and market your business there. When people get to see that you're at the same place with them, some will come to purchase items or to show their friends and those who aren't there will look out to where you will be next and come to purchase. It will make them comfortable to see in real life and that builds up more trust gets you more market.

e)  Making content that is aesthetically pleasing and relatable

When making posts about your products and services, it is important to be able to pinpoint your major audience and try to make relatable posts about your business. This usually makes people more comfortable knowing that there other people who have similar views and tastes as them and they will be quick to share the page with other people who relate thus helping you grow your page.

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f)  Watermarking the posts and content shared

This is usually that people can share your workaround and the credit still goes to the one responsible for all of it. It will make people feel better about your business by seeing you give the right recognition to the right people and in turn, more creatives can even reach out to work with you a.

g)  Tagging accounts that are relevant to your product

This helps the business to get recognition especially when you tag relevant accounts. They may post about thus helping you get free marketing.

Don’t be afraid to go all out on Instagram, the more effort you put, the larger your followers base.