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Importance of Hashtags in Instagram

Importance of Hashtags in Instagram

October 5, 2020

Did you realize that an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% greater interaction than a hashtag-free post? Hashtags are powerful. They will help your articles hit a specific audience, draw fans to your niche, improve interaction, and build a brand profile that is more optimistic and identifiable.

Why should you use Hashtags in your Instagram Post?

Instagram has an algorithm that when a user creates an Instagram post and uploads it without using hashtags, it will be only visible to the followers of that user. If he/she has a numerous followers then it has a probability of reaching out because followers interact with the post by liking, commenting and saving it.

In order to increase the engagements of your post for a specific audience one needs to use related hashtags on a post. Hashtags are like branding elements on the media. They help build a certain audience around your instagram page that helps you easily deliver the right content to the right people.

Hashtags also help to stay updated on the social trends and topics. It not only helps your post to get in the top searches but also they help you get discovered by the target audience because your post is exactly what they wanted.

Best Hashtags

What are the trending Hashtags?

The top trending hashtags for 2020 and 2021 are:

  1. #love – 1.221B use 
  2. #instagood – 704.0M
  3. #photooftheday – 478.6M
  4. #fashion – 456.5M
  5. #beautiful – 445.0M
  6. #happy – 413.8M
  7. #cute – 404.3M
  8. #tbt – 401.4M
  9. #like4like – 393.9M
  10. #followme – 374.3M

What are the best hashtags for your post?

Most of the Instagram users like to jump on the bandwagon by using the only trending hashtags as stated above. For instance if a user uploads a picture of a his finished website under hashtags such as; #love #fashion #like4like. The caption with these hashtags will not make any sense unless the website has a similar nature. According to the 2020 report, 500 Million people post on Instagram in a day. Now, it is complicated for instagram to get your post to the right audience, including poor choice of hashtags. You can use relevant hashtags to meet the right audience but thinking about relevant hashtags is a no doubt, a tough thing. You can use our app ITags to get relevant choices of hashtags for your better engagements in a post. ITags generates the popular and relevant hashtags meeting the Instagram requirement for posts captions. We make it easier for you to think about the content of the post and let us cater your caption hashtags needs. 

Hashtags in Instagram

Why are Hashtags used by the businesses on Instagram?

Following are the most important reasons to use hashtags if you're running a business account on Instagram:

1.  Branding:

For a business to get quick responses and feedback on it’s product/services, the hashtags play a speedy role in getting the content to the targeted audience and stating a service/product for the business. In return, people from their experiences, will write back, comment, like, share the Instagram posts.  

2.  Competition:

The most important thing for a business is knowing your audience as well as your competitions. In order to grow the business on Instagram from the competitors, businesses learn what services others offer, how they run their ad campaigns and most importantly how they boost their posts using hashtags. 

3.  Spreading the word:

Creating your brand hashtag for the product/service/event that you own. Helps to make the visibility for your business on Instagram. You can encourage the users or followers to use your hashtag when they purchase or use your service, this helps in building a dominant brand name. 

4.  Promoting service:

Instagram campaigns and promotions are a real deal for the marketers and businesses to gain a high profile on the platform. Brands often create Giveaways, Competitions, Advertisement, and holidays promotions to get exceedingly social traffic on the Instagram posts. 


From Start-ups to Multinational Companies, the Instagram marketing and branding algorithm requires fine choice of words, content and accurate hashtags. It would be a total bummer to produce such a great quality product but not being able to advertise it to the audience. Using the right hashtags and maintaining a good Instagram post feed helps reaching out and staying in the Instagram top search.