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Social media for business

Social Media for Business

December 13, 2020

Is social media advisable for business?

A well-strategized social media, if implemented in a business can either build or break the business. On one hand, the social media plan if carefully executed, can heavily promote the business and provide it with many great opportunities. On the other hand, if the social media platform is created then neglected, there is not much that can be done afterward.

Traditional advertisement methods have fallen back with the growth of the internet over the years. Print media consumption has reduced because most people have decided to cross over to the digital world. The same information and advertisements gotten in the newspapers are now freely distributed all over the internet and can be accessed by the click of a button at the comfort of your home.

The general benefits of using social media platforms for your business are the ability to reach out to customers, get feedback on your product and also get hold of potential customers who interact with your product.

Here are some of the major benefits of starting social media platforms for your brand in-depth:

a)  Gaining more traffic

By outing your brand on the internet, you will always gain exposure as compared to sticking to traditional ways of advertising. You get even more exposure if you make your brand a website. 

What are the benefits of creating a website?

·  It allows customers to leave comments on the product or service being offered.

·  It provides a space where the customers can ask questions about the product that are answered by the brand’s social media managers.

·  It also allows the customers to leave concerns about any of the services being offered.

Social media allows customers to form bonds with the brand at the same time increasing traffic to your brand’s page. One can also use the website to get engagement about their product and educate people about your brand.

b)  Inexpensive

Social media tools are inexpensive as compared to printing advertisements on billboards and in newspapers. Printing advertisements are expensive because you get charged a fee just to have a small space in a newspaper with the chance that not many people get to see your advertisement.

Social Media for Business

c)  Interacting with users

Social media platforms allow the customers to engage with the brand by asking the questions or leaving their queries to be answered by the brand. This builds a trust bond that is gotten by engaging with the brand on a personal level. It is very important to reply to any of the feedback left by the customer for them to feel listened to and it is better done by people, not bots because sometimes a reply just requires a nice human touch to it.

d)  Global outreach

When using social media, one expects their website and brand to reach anyone with the internet. Social media will ensure that someone in a different state or even continent finds out about your product so long as they have access to the internet. It may be your lucky day if your content goes viral, so much may come from that. Your brand may get sponsored or gain a lot more exposure.

e)  More research on marketing skills

This can be done by observing how your brand's competition does its marketing. Here it is important to generate your original ideas rather than steal ideas from your other competitors. By observing how your competitors do their marketing, your brand can now work on their marketing strategies and improve them as well.

f)  Reputation management 

With a social media page, a brand can manage the brand name. This is because; the brand can manage the negative criticism. How is this s? When a negative comment is spotted, the brand can check out the authenticity of the negative comment and work on it and give it a reply that the brand is following up on it. If it is not an authentic comment and is just hate, one can try to find out the source of it and try to contain the situation.

Increase Sales with Social Media

g)  Increase in sales

By creating a website for your brand, and maintaining the brand image on all other social platforms, that already is increased traffic to the brand website. With proper customer engagement, you will get referrals by satisfies customers. With proper customer care services, you will get more customers and this will increase in more sales. The brand has to be careful to not reduce the quality of the product or service to ensure the customers come back and even bring a friend or two.