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Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically

January 06, 2021

Do you want to expand your Instagram followers organically? We're here to support you! 

You've probably learned about 'shortcuts' to earn a massive follow-up. Some people are purchasing followers on Instagram, others are utilizing bots. While these might operate to increase the number of your followers, they have no real effect on your market. Plus, Instagram has re-engineered the algorithm to detect fraudulent activity on the site. So, though Instagram tricks might improve your follower count, expect your success to be short-lived.

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#1 Stay true to your goals

Why did you first create an Instagram account for your business? Is this to: 

Boost sales of products? 

Increased transfer rates? 

Promote the brand? 

If you know your why, you're going to find out your how. Keep centered on the targets you set for your Instagram account and remain consistent. This would give your target group a good understanding about what your company is all about, which in turn generates a loyal follow-up to your account.

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#2 Know who you’re posting for

When it comes to marketing, you're not meant to move ahead seeking to appease everybody. If you want to appease everybody, you're not likely to end up meeting anybody. Instead, concentrate on a specific market—the people you want to be involved in your company. When you've got a market in mind, define the following: 

Its Generation 

Where they're staying 

What they're doing for a living 

When you log in to Instagram, 

Their problems and their pressure points 

If you've established all of this, you'll know how to design the posts in a manner that will cater to the right users of Instagram.

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#3 Build your brand image

Know, you're not the only one running the business you're doing. No matter how special the concept may sound, there will still be rivalry. The only way to stick out from the others will be by client engagement; building a clear and reliable brand narrative. You ought to cater to the target group in a more intimate manner, in a way that appears esthetically appealing. 

Avoid the temptation to share just about everything you might think of without first preparing your material. You want to put yourself as an expert in your industry, so your graphics will have to look the right way to offer this kind of impression. Your branding can also be seen in your feed. For eg, if you have a particular color for your brand, make sure that your feed allows a simple differentiation. 

Are you searching for inspiration? Take a peek at this Instagram feed from @aurelycerise.

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#4 Create a great profile and an awesome bio!

Your profile and bio are among the first items your future followers can see as they browse at your feed. So be aware of the following: 

Name – Consider including a keyword to improve the exposure of your company throughout your quest. 

Username – Stay consistent across all of your social networking platforms, so your faithful fans won't have a hard time keeping track of your tweets. 

Website – Signify the website of your company. This is the only link that can be tapped on your Instagram feed 

Bio – Let's count all those 150 characters. You don't have to use that cap, just make sure you tell something to persuade people to join you. 

Here's a perfect illustration from @starbucks on how you should build a terrific profile.

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#5 Be creative with your content

You'll realize that you've come up with fantastic content when people start to click, comment, and even retweet your posts. As Instagram 'notices' that people are interested in your feed, it will instantly improve your account, growing your likelihood of having more fans and views. 

To produce successful material, you need to come up with something that you know will be of interest to your target audience. Also, bear in mind that your objective is not just to educate them, but also to entertain them with what you have to tell. So, do what you can to develop compelling and entertaining material. 

Note how @buzzfeedtasty does it in its feed.

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#6 Promote your Instagram account

If you have not created a substantial follow-up on other social networking sites, be sure to let them know that you have an Instagram account. Chances are, the fans on another social networking platform already have Instagram profiles and are more inclined to join you. 

You might try sharing a link to your Instagram profile to support your Instagram account. Also, if you're just started, make sure you begin with at least 12 posts on your feed so that it's not empty when people start checking it out.

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#7 Link to your Instagram profile wherever you can

Don't skip a chance to advertise your Instagram site. Post a connection where possible. This requires your email signature, your profile, and your free newsletters. And a spam blast revealing your brand-new Instagram account to your email list wouldn't hurt. If anything, this will inspire your friends to join you via Instagram.

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#8 Use your Instagram nametag!

Your Instagram nametag is a scanable code that allows it easy for users to open and follow your profile. People don't have to type your Instagram handle any longer just to locate you on the app. Plus, this is a perfect place to promote your account offline! Attach that to the packaging, your phone sheets, the signs, or anywhere it makes sense. 

Don't you know where to locate your nametag? Go to the top right of your Instagram profile and press the three-line button.

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#9 Keep your hashtags relevant

Some people, in an effort to render their account more accessible, incorporate about every hashtag they can think of even though they're not important to the brand or their message. We're here to warn you this plan isn't going to succeed. If anything, it's all going to make you seem desperate or spammy. Only don't damage your Instagram reputation. 

Here are three items you can do when you add hashtags: 

Do your study good, please 

Figure out what hashtag is most prominent with your target group or what is widely used by goods or companies similar to yours. 

Come along with your hashtag 

Build a hashtag that represents the brand and that other people will probably like to use to read their content. 

Using the hashtags in your stories 

This is also a perfect way to improve the odds of attracting new fans!

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#10 Get your Instagram profile featured

Here, that's what we term free ads, and that's what you can strive for! If anyone else wishes to share your article on Instagram, that's a perfect way for you to attract new fans. 

There are a number of accounts that exist only to feature awesome content on Instagram, but the greatest account feature you can expect to offer is to be included on the Instagram feed yourself. 

Wondering if you might have a decent chance to land a feature? Upload excellent content and use the proper hashtags. That's likely to lead you somewhere.

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#11 Add your location

Statistics suggest that articles with tagged locations have a greater degree of interaction than those that do not. It also allows other people who are in the same place as you—for example, at a conference—to communicate with you on social media. Plus, if other users look up that location, they'll see your post on that spot. If your post is eye-catching, odds are strong that you'll get a new follower out of it.

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#12 Get featured on the Explore tab

You will enter the Explore tab by clicking the magnifying glass icon that you can find at the bottom of your device. Did you realize that half a billion people search this tab every month, and that about 200 million people check it every day? 

So, what specifically is the Explorer tab for? This is where Instagram recommends posts that you would want based on your latest app behavior and accounts that you don't actually follow. 

The Explorer tab is not restricted to images only. Instagram also produces Articles and IGTV. It's not easy to get your post on this tab, but one thing is for sure: only the best material is seen here!

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#13 Make sure to follow the right people

It may be tempting to only follow any person on Instagram and secretly assume they're going to follow you back, but that's just going to make you seem desperate for publicity. No, that's not the way to maximize the amount of fans. You need to pick the right users—those that are important to your brand or have the same values as your company—and then pursue them. Look for influencers in your market, too. Checking out what they share is a perfect opportunity for you to feel what the target group is involved in. 

But here's a word of caution: don't give a bulk of the link queries. If you follow too many and your follower count is too poor, your reputation would be affected. 

Have a peek at the follower count of @9gag. Now check how many of the pages they're following. Tells you all, isn't it?

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#14 Stay active in relevant communities

Instagram is much like the other regular social networking site—it has groups that you can enter based on your preferences. Engaging in these groups is more than just leaving a one-line reply on a particular message. Work to tell things concerning substance. After all, you don't want to sound like an Instagram bot. 

Becoming an involved part of a culture that is important to your identity would help develop your reputation and authority in your chosen niche as well as make you more accessible to your target market. It would also inform Instagram that people will be involved in what you have to share and will most definitely place you on the Explore page.

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#15 Mention relevant users in your captions

Increase the chances of interaction by tagging other users or by listing their handles in your caption. Doing it would not just inspire them to take part in your post, it will also make it easy for them to re-share your post in only a few taps. Once your post is posted, your friends can see your profile listed, and they can quickly click on the tag and search your stream. Who knows, maybe they admire you enough to join you.

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#16 Encourage users to tag their friends

If done right, this tactic will serve to further grow your account and introduce it to more Instagram users. The implies, of course, that you're going to have more chances of having new fans.

#17 Be consistent with your posts

Anyone should get off to a strong start on Instagram—post cool content and ensure that the esthetic appeal is preserved in the feed. Not all, though, is disciplined enough to maintain it running. Know, you were followed by your current followers because they liked your post. If you immediately quit writing, it's just going to be a matter of time before you lose these followers one by one. So, you should be routine for your updates. The more you write, the more followers you're going to receive.

#18 Post at a strategic time

Don't post every time you feel like that. That might be all right if you're only juggling a non-business site, but while you're running a business or a corporation account on Instagram, timing is all. So, make sure you study what's the right moment for you to share something on Instagram. A good approach to assess the correct time for your updates is to see whether other profiles close to yours are already being updated.

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#19 Schedule your content

It has to do with publishing at the correct moment. Maximize the likelihood that your post would be shared using a third-party platform that will encourage you to automate your articles. Plus, some of these platforms also encourage you to see how they fit in with other feed posts for esthetic purposes.

#20 Be creative with your captions

Don't head right to the hashtags, please. Take the time to come up with a readable caption—something the followers might like to learn through. Today, this is almost as daunting as coming up with an idea about what material to write, but here are few ideas to help: 

Begin with the keywords and the most critical points 

Starting with anything eye-catching would make your post look interesting. 

Only ask a good question 

People are interested, of course, but use it to your benefit! If used properly, this will serve to maximize the participation of your mail. 

Using the emojis! 

Create your pop articles by attaching these icons to your captions. It also helps to enhance the graphics of your message. 

Vary the length of your subscriptions 

See what's going great for the viewers. If you feel that you need to post a long caption for your post, then do that. Just make sure people don't doze when they read it out.

#21 Post on Instagram Stories

This new feature does a lot to render the profile more accessible to a wider range of people. This is an established technique, and it has enabled a number of company accounts to have a big follow-up. Current studies suggest that users who share stories are more likely to get direct updates because of them.

#22 Make your Stories interactive

What makes Instagram Stories much more fascinating is that it helps you to add polling stickers on your photos. This enhances the involvement of others who click through your articles.

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#23 Do a Live Video

This is a perfect opportunity to involve other users in real-time, helping you develop and extend your network. And you may opt to post a replay of your video to your story for the next 24 hours to optimize consumer experience. 

To go live on Instagram, simply select the choice that states, "Go live with a friend" and then ask the other individual to host the live video and ask for it. The drawback of this is that your profile would be available to all the fans of your peers. Again, another chance to extend the social network.

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#24 Highlight what your brand is about

You'll note that Instagram helps you to share the highlights right below your name and the bio profile. Take advantage of this function to give other people a taste of what your company is all about. Again, stay compatible with the general theme of your stream such that the graphics don't overlap and end up annoying other people. 

Here's a perfect idea of how to highlight the brand. Note their graphics, huh?

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#25 Host a contest on your profile

People want to take part in tournaments because of prizes, and you should use them to your benefit. In return for a good or service, you might ask people to tag their friends in the comments or to like your page. It will act like magic to raise your follower count and improve your profile interaction.

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#26 Try advertising on Instagram

Yeah, there are a number of places you might have your profile free of charge in front of a new audience, but it will take some time before you start seeing the effects. Advertising on Instagram, on the other side, places the ads in front of a larger audience and usually yields output in a shorter period.

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#27 Make use of Instagram Insights

This Instagram tool helps you know your target group a little bit better. It also allows you to see which things you need to focus in and what you can do to boost engagement in your content. Another main factor you will figure out by utilizing this analytics platform is the perfect period for you to publish content depending on the time much of your target group is online.