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Instagram Marketing Strategy

Top 10 Instagram Marketing Strategy

November 8, 2020

Instagram is one of the best platforms to grow your business on. It has a lot of features that favor you as a business owner. For you to grow your business, you need to connect with your target audience and build other social networks with other business owners.

We know it can be quite difficult to gain followers organically but with the right techniques, it can be a walk in the park. You must do your best to let your online presence be felt and from there, apply the few techniques that I will talk about below.

1.  Using hashtags freely and in plenty

They are mainly used on posts and the bio. This is what to look out for as you select hashtags:

·  Find the most commonly used hashtags

·  Find the hashtags highly relevant to your product

·  Research on the most popular hashtags going around at the moment.

2.  Join the Instagram communities especially the ones relevant to your business

If you're on Instagram just for business purposes, one cannot afford to be invisible on this app. It is important to join relevant communities especially those with similar goals like yours.

It is also important to go through your comments on your posts and like and engage your followers. It makes them feel like you know each other on a personal level and thus building trust.

It is important to hold giveaways and flash sales. It helps you get recognition because most giveaways usually require one to tag a friend(s) for them to win the giveaways. It's a good way to interact with your audience as well. 

3.  How frequent should your posting be

There is a thin line between posting too much and posting very little. When the line is crossed ad you post a lot of things daily, it may bore your audience very quickly. It is advisable to post regularly like once a day to keep your audience engaged. By posting regularly, you will gather a large audience for your business because of the consistency.

Top 10 Instagram Marketing Strategy

4.  Adding information on your profile besides the basic information

When joining the app, it is required for one to fill in the basics such as the username for the profile to open an account. That is no longer enough once you start your business account properly. Your bio should include the brand name, what the business deals with, for example, clothing or food and beverage; some hashtags should be included so that the customer can see other related content. One should put a profile picture preferably of the brand logo similar to the profile pictures of the similar accounts of the business on other social media. Also, it is advisable to put the physical location of if it has one for a one on one experience with the business owners and the brand’s website as well.

The pictures of products being sold should portray the brand’s vibe.

Using Right Instagram Tools

5.  Using the right Instagram tools

Since Instagram has become business-oriented, there are so many tools that have come up to be used by business owners on Instagram. These tools help them keep records of their new followers and their ages. They also help you to know which posts and products have the most engagement to improve on what people like. One also discovers what people seem to not like and adjust it

6.  Using the Instagram ads feature

This is important to help you to be able to reach people you do not even follow or do not know about your brand. When using ads, it is important to make them as catchy as possible and interesting as well. When making ads, one should use both well-edited pictures and videos. Towards the end of the advertisement, one should attaché the contacts of the brand, either phone number or an email. Ads are a good way to promote the business and should be considered by the business from time to time.

7.  Posting interesting posts and videos

It is important to make your products as interesting as possible. One can decide to post about what happens behind the scenes showing the faces that are not seen but are part of the business. One could some tutorials here and there especially those businesses in the beauty world.

It is important to show customer feedback and packaging. This is best done by using Instagram stories where you show your followers all this plus you could ask what they would like to see as well.

Instagram Following

8.  Following back relevant followers

This means that you should do your research and get other businesses that deal with similar products like you. It is usually important to have completion and it's not always a bad thing. When following your competition you could pick a few successful habits from them thus learning from them.

It is also important to follow back some of your loyal followers. You could decide to figure out who they are by checking those who are always reposting your sales and products, those who tag their friends on your posts, and those who make a lot of purchases from your online store. 

9.  Qualitative content

When posting content, the quality will always exceed quantity. This means that you have to take really good photos and edit them before you use them for your posts.

This attracts people to your page even if they do not follow you. You have to maintain the quality on your business page by creating a theme that is unique to the brand .it is also important to remove what is not necessary on your page to make room for other important posts. 

You could also do away with posts about products that the brand either stopped selling or aren't available thus making room for more products and reducing the comments about the product that is no longer in stock.

10.  Posting pictures and videos relevant to the brand

This can be done by maintaining the theme set by the brand and not straying from it. It makes it possible to identify your brand’s work from anywhere. The posts should have some relevance to the brand for one to maintain professionalism.