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Best Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Best Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2021

February 04, 2021

Want to revitalize your Instagram account in 2021 and increase your number of followers? So how about increasing followers on Instagram? Are there certain methods of this work? Of course, there are some follower increase tips and we will share them with you in our article.

It is not enough to just open an account on Instagram and share your pictures and wait for the followers to come automatically. Of course, each Instagram account has a certain number of followers that automatically follow. But if you want to increase these, even more, you have to work a little more. 

By applying these methods, you can go to the front line with your own account on Instagram, which has an active user of over 1billion. Think of it like a new Instagram account, a startup business. No single job will attract anyone's attention. Today, even the best qualitative and big companies need advertising. You don't have to budget as much as they do for this, but you can make your own advertising.

Your Profile Picture

You should find an attention-grabbing and intriguing Instagram profile picture. For this, you can take a look at the accounts with many followers and get ideas or use your own creativity. Instead of your picture, you can design and use a unique logo that your followers will instantly recognize your account. Avoid stock images, your own and unique creation always gets more attention.

Choose an effective and catchy username

Make sure to find an original and memorable Instagram profile and username. If you constantly change it, you may lose some followers, so think hard and find the one that suits you and don't change it.

Write the bio part of your account carefully

Let the summary you write in this section describe your account. Support this with keywords.

Add Your Web Page

Add your web page

You can add your web page, or an affiliate link to your profile. Those wondering about your account may also want to read what you wrote. There may be people who follow you in order not to miss your other posts.

Buy Followers

The first and easiest way is to buy followers. Of course, you can buy followers for a fee. However, while doing this, choose places that sell followers by giving them an organic appearance that will not spam your account. Especially newly opened accounts can buy followers until they reach a remarkable number. You shouldn't just rely on it, but it is a fact that it helps.

You can also like this page:


You can use the Reels feature of Instagram, which is not so old yet very popular, to increase your followers. You can encourage people to follow your account by making interesting 30-second videos.


It is possible to gain new followers with the IGTV-Instagram Tv feature. You can increase your followers with smartly prepared videos that attract people's attention and arouse curiosity about your account.

Stories, stories, stories

Instagram stories are a great tool to reach more people. Millions of people share countless stories every day. Use this tool professionally, too. Grab people's attention and get them to follow your account by sharing interesting stories. Also, if you tag other accounts you follow and share them in stories, they will also share your account.

Draw attention to social issues

By supporting any aid campaign, you can grab people's attention. Posts and pictures such as an event to protect nature, highlighting the upcoming elections, direct people to your account and some remain your followers.


You can make some collaborations to increase your followers on Instagram. These can be brands or micro-influencers. Both parties benefit from the contribution of two accounts to each other and increase followers. If you want to gain a lot of Instagram followers, you cannot avoid this point: You have to network! Find a couple of Insta buddies with whom you regularly exchange, link, comment on posts, etc. Why is this so important? Again, point one plays a big role, because Instagram likes it when your content is interacted with and you are linked. This shows the algorithm: Hey, this account is important and exciting for other users! But friend profiles also help you to stay on the ball in your Insta niche - so you will always be the first to find out about trains, challenges, competitions, etc.

Also, following other accounts allows them to follow you too. Many Instagram account holders are open to this kind of support.

Follow the right one

Follow the right one

Unfortunately, many companies still follow the well-known “follow-unfollow” strategy. You just follow 100 or 1,000 accounts and hope that they will follow you too. As soon as that happens, you unfollow them again. Because in the end you want to have a lot of followers, but follow as few as possible - because that looks a lot cooler. This method is now pretty worn out and just annoying. For many users, it has led to the fact that they no longer follow companies as soon as they appear as a new follower. People know they'll be gone soon - and so do many others. It is very suspicious if the person has 100 followers, for example, but 2,000 follow. That screams for "Follow-Unfollow". Therefore, when building up followers, you should only follow accounts that fit your niche and target group and, as already mentioned in point one, interact with them and network.

Take part in follow trains

Anyone who delves into the Insta universe will sooner or later be confronted with so-called follow trains. Basically, it's about everyone who participates following everyone else. This is how everyone extends their reach. The whole thing is available in different formats. Sometimes a private account is created for this, to which one is invited by the train admins. When it starts, you have, for example, 7 days to follow everyone else. But there is also the post variant, in which, for example, you have to mark several people under a post and follow everyone who has commented themselves. A follow train can bring you a lot of followers in one fell swoop, but you also have to be aware that many will disappear again after a certain time. They simply boosted their number of followers and then disappears, never to be seen again. Hence our tip: Find a train that is only intended for accounts from your niche. Here the probability is much higher than the participants are eager to get to know new profiles and in the end, will stay.

Make interesting and original posts

Prepare posts that can attract a large number of people. Create original pictures. With the different poses you will give, you can take different shots and attract attention that is not available in every account. In addition, the articles you will write under the picture will also bear your signature, and consist of original sentences. How annoying would a caption be like ‘’I read this book today?’’ However, it will attract more attention to make an opening with a sentence you will share from the book and briefly explain why you recommend this book.

When sharing your pictures, use the Instagram filters and choose the most suitable filter. On a platform like Instagram, visuality is everything. Being able to visually attract people to your account is one of the most important steps in increasing your followers.

Post personally

Diet and weight loss accounts can increase followers in a short time. This is because many people share a common problem (for example, overweight here) and seek a solution by supporting each other. You can also talk about some humane and personal things in your account and meet and follow people who share common problems and thoughts with you.

Use Other Social Platforms

Today, almost everyone has membership in more than one social platform. Those who want to announce their name to more people must have more than one account. Pass between your accounts. For example, keep more people informed by sharing your Instagram post on your accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Of course, you can do the same for your posts on other accounts.

If you work this way, your social media accounts that support each other will develop in a shorter time.

The power of keywords

The power of keywords

Use keywords correctly and wisely, starting with your profile. Add keywords to your profile to help searchers find you easily.

Have both main and auxiliary keywords in your posts. Evaluate the number given to you to the end using relevant keywords. So you can reach more people. If you want to gain followers from the country or city you live in, you can also use more local keywords.

Stay interactive

Always try to stay in interactive communication with your followers through live broadcasts, messages, and comments. People love this kind of communication, which helps them to recommend you to other friends and gain more followers. From time to time, you can organize contests and only find hints that will help you agree with your followers.

The current algorithm relies heavily on the “engagement” factor. For example, your pictures will initially only be shown to around 10 percent of your followers in the feed. The more likes and, above all, comments it gets in the first hour, the more it is played out. In addition, you should reply to comments and messages as quickly as possible in order to make the algorithm happy. And if you make the algorithm happy, you have good cards to be featured on the Explore page. A guarantee for new followers! It is also worth interacting with other users in order to get more Instagram followers. Just following 500 people and hoping that they will too is not enough. Take a look at the profiles, leave a few comments (you should come up with more than “Nice” or “Great profile”) and you will attract more attention. By the way, while we're on the subject of comments: Comments with less than 4 words are stamped as bot by the algorithm and they do not count for the "interaction ranking".

Ask question

Ask questions that your followers and other users will be interested in and feel like they have to answer. For example, provocative questions such as what you wore today, let's answer it immediately, give the feeling that you have to answer the other.

Introduce yourself by commenting

Follow accounts with similar topics to you, make comments. Thus, they both follow you, and your name can be seen and attracted the attention of other users.

Join meetups and challenges

Expand your network by participating in various meetups on Instagram. Likewise, you can participate in challenges organized in various subjects. Thus, many accounts tag each other and can increase followers.

Search for communities

Search for communities

You can also browse the hashtags and join them if there are any communities related to your account. What could be as natural as for people with the same interests to follow each other?

Are my followers online?

At what times are the people who follow you online? Check this from time to time in the insights section. If you share when you will get the most likes and comments, you will attract the attention of other users.

Share regularly. If you can, you can schedule your sharing for a few days and share accordingly. Thus, instead of making random instant shares, you can share more in accordance with your account. You can use programming calculations like Tailwind for this.

By using the tips listed above, you can increase your Instagram followers in 2021. Also, remember that multi-follower accounts earn more money if you have an account that accepts ads. Accounts with 10,000 or more active followers can earn up to several thousand dollars for an ad post. Although developing your account on social media requires a lot of effort and time, it is a fact that it contributes greatly to people who want to be known or want to sell. You should not accept failure without making effort and doing what is necessary.