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How to Use Instagram for Business: A Practical 6-Step Guide

How to Use Instagram for Business: A Practical 6-Step Guide

October 21, 2020

Why use Instagram for business?

Nowadays very many people shop online from businesses that have established themselves properly on an online social media platform. Most of the business use Instagram because it is one of the most business-friendly apps there is especially with a new algorithm that was put in motion recently. This algorithm is created in such a way it features online business pages a lot on the search page. They also introduced a shops button where you could see the online business for what you'd like to purchase on the bottom right of the screen. 

How to use that to build your business:

1.  Create a new business page on Instagram or either recreate an existing one into a business account.

For one to decide to recreate your existing page into a business account, it should have a few posts that are introducing the product you are selling or should have posts relevant to the business. 

Most businesses decide to create Instagram pages from scratch because it is more fulfilling to build something from the ground. Also, it ensures the business account is strictly for business.

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How to create a business page on Instagram from scratch:

·  Download the Instagram app on your phone or laptop.

·  Open Instagram and click on the sign-up option. Log in is for when you already have an account made.

·  Enter the email address you would want to be involved with the account.

·  The username, your profile, and password are the next piece of information required. These are the basics and can be optimized and changed later

·  Tap the button indicated done and you're ready to go. This is a personal account that has been created next to converting it.

How to create the business page from the personal account:

·  Log in to the personal account created.

·  Tap on the profile icon 

·  Click on the icon with three lines on the right of the screen.

·  Select to switch to a business account

·  Finally, put in your contact information, and you are done.

Instagram Planning

2.  Plan and strategize.

This can be done, first by determining your target audience. This is done by getting the type of people active on your page, their age, where they live and the products they interact with most. This will help you to know how to create your content and how to make it relatable to your target audience.

Creating a strategy also involves naming goals and objectives for your business thus this will help you to strategize how to get to where you want to be. 

This will also require a consistent posting schedule that ensures you have a time every day where you can post and the post will reach a large audience because it is like peak user hour.

Here is also where you learn about the business features that come with the account and learn how to use them properly.

Instagram Profiles

3.  Add more information to your profile besides basics.

When logging in, we put in the basics but after we make the account for business purposes, we need to increase the information put in the account’s profile.

This is done by:

·  By adding your brand name in your bio.

·  When writing the bio, it is recommended to also use relevant hashtags that will show the user what the business deals with.

·  It is also advised to come up with a business logo that is recognizable anywhere by people who know about your product.

·  A profile picture will be needed for the account preferably of the business logo and it is advisable to use a profile picture that is similar to accounts opened on other social media platforms.

·  As you fill the bio, you have to indicate the official brand name preferable with a keyword in it. The bio should involve a website if any.

·  Lastly, when filling in the profile, it is important to add the contacts of the company such as a phone number and email.

4.  Post good and relevant content

It is important to have some visual aesthetics when it comes to your posts. What you post is equally important as well. It is good practice to have proper captions explaining your posts.

The account should have a consistent theme that anyone can associate with the brand at any moment. It is best to work with colors and the filters on the photos. The photos being used have to be good quality photos. 

How do you ensure this? For one to take good quality photos, the photos have to be taken from different angles, natural light has to be used to maximum advantage and harsh light should be avoided at all costs

5.  Interact with your followers and other Instagrammers

This means you should find out communities that deal with what you deal in and try to join them. Communities on Instagram are so helpful because it is part of social networking but also, they give proper advice on what to do if you are a small business or a new business account just starting.

Using hashtags is a good way to get you more followers. This is because hashtags are used when someone does not know the pages to get a particular item. The more you use relevant hashtags, the higher up your posts are on the hashtag pages. 

It is also good practice to reply to mentions and comments from people who have questions about your product. Also, direct messages from followers should be replied to with utmost respect. When replying to any of the three, one should be extremely respectful no matter what is said.

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6.  Measuring the rate of growth

This where, after some time, you go back to the drawing board and find out whether your growth is still aligned to the goals you made for your business at the beginning of the journey.

This is one of the times to use analytic tools provided by the Instagram business account.

Once you get the details, it is always advisable to test the methods that are working for your business and improve on those that are not. 

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