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The Importance of Instagram Followers and Instagram Likes

The Importance of Instagram Followers and Instagram Likes

January 31, 2021

How was Instagram born?

And Bing Bang ...

I shared a picture and the whole world saw it. If it was necessary to describe Instagram in one sentence, this would probably be. The picture sharing application Instagram, allows you to reach a large audience in an instant. You tell a story with the picture you share and what you write under it and you can easily convey the message you want to convey.

This means great advertising support for both hobby and business users. Instagram is of great importance for companies or influencers. Although there are a small number of people who say I do not use it, I do not care; it has largely become a part of our lives.

So how was this great platform born? Who is behind this big idea? Actually, Instagram has a history that is still considered very new. It was opened to users in San Francisco on October 6, 2010. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are two names behind the scenes. Their belief in the concept they created was so great and right that it immediately attracted people's attention as soon as it was opened.

Instagram's most important foundation reasons

  • Quickly share pictures
  • Share the picture and the message below to several platforms at the same time
  • Creating quality shots with Instagram picture taking and filtering feature

According to the founders, these three important issues kept them busy and they found the solution by creating Instagram.

Where does the name Instagram come from?

Whenever a new platform is established, it is necessary to think of its name very wisely. It should be both relevant to the subject of the platform and should be remarkable and catchy. The name of the Instagram platform was formed by the fusion of words instant-quick and telegram. In short, a fast letter means something like a quick message. Inspired by the instant picture printing of famous Kodax Instamatıc and Polaroid cameras, the platform started with the name of Instagram. Since it managed to become one of the catchy and known brand names like Facebook and Twitter, it was a smart name choice.

Initially, the founders thought of the platform only for iPhone, iPad, and iPods. Many people have downloaded and used the app, but the desired number of users could not be reached. When it was opened to the use of android devices in 2012, it had a complete explosion. So much so that on the first day, over a million Android users broke a record by downloading the app.

In April 2012, the platform, which had over 100 million users, started to attract the attention of other companies such as Facebook. Facebook was one of those who wanted to incorporate Instagram into its own organization from the very beginning. In April 2012, he achieved this for a fee of $ 1 billion.Considering that it has over a billion daily active users worldwide, this has been a very lucrative investment for Facebook. Of course, Instagram continued to grow after this sale.

More than one billion users share over 100 million pictures every day. 75% of Internet users are said to be Instagram users.

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Instagram Story Feature

Instagram Story Feature

The Instagram Story feature, which is on the air for 24 hours, is one of the most popular and most used features of the platform. It is very important to use the correct hashtag in a short video or story where pictures are shared. If you have 10 thousand or more followers, you can add a link to the story section.

The Instagram direct message feature

The direct message part or in short DM, allows users to communicate privately with each other, is similar to the Facebook messenger feature. In addition, image sharing, video calls, and phone calls can be made here.

Instagram Insights

With the instagram insights feature, you can see the status of your account, your follower profile, at what time your posts get the most likes and comments, and you can adjust your posts accordingly.

Call to Action

You can use the Call to Action feature with business accounts. It is a feature that helps you determine your target audience and advertise.

Instagram TV

The Instagram IGTV feature is used for longer videos and music stream sharing.

Instagram Layout

Thanks to the Instagram layout feature, you can combine pictures and create different collages.

Instagram Boomerang

Instagram Boomerang, which was put into service for users in 2015, has been talking about itself with new updates recently. Short video creation service on Instagram will have the following features after the Boomerang update:

  • Classic (form known to date)
  • Slowmo Boomerangs
  • Echo for Boomerangs with a Blur-Effect
  • Duo for Boomerangs with a distorted texture

Loyal boomerang users seem to love these new updates. Especially for story users, Instagram offers a lot of options.

Instagram Guides

Instagram continues to develop and connect its users with new features every day. The Instagram guide feature, which was recently released, is one of the best examples of these. With this feature, you can now share in detail on your Instagram account like a blogger.

There are 3 different types of guides for the product, place, and content.

It may consist of content previously published by the account owner. Of course, content from different accounts can also be used.

In November 2020, everyone started to create guides.

Go to the + sign on your profile. Click the guide option in the window that opens. Select the type of guide. And do your share.

Instagram Reels

With reels, one of the new features, short videos up to 15 seconds can be shared in the story section. To create new reels, again press the + sign on your profile. Select the reels from the menu that appears. If there is a piece of music you want, you can choose the one you like from the music icon. Decide the speed of your video by clicking the speed icon. You can also add effects from the Effects icon. After selecting the length from the timer icon, start shooting. If you are satisfied with the result, add the title and cover picture and share it on your profile.

Instagram Live Stream

Instagram Live Stream, which started in 2016, is probably one of the most popular features of this platform. Although it is mostly used by Influencers, entrepreneurs, and business people, Live Streams is also used among friends.

Live streams, one of the features used in the story section, provides the opportunity to broadcast live. During this broadcast, viewers can send comments, likes, emojis, and ask questions.

Before going live, a push message informs some viewers about this.

Before you decide to broadcast a live stream, it would be wise to know your audience profile well and know when they are most online. Thus, you can reach the maximum number of viewers possible.

A live stream can also be exchanged between two accounts. Thus, two popular names can be watched together and the broadcast is in a conversational atmosphere.

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The importance of likes and followers on Instagram

The importance of likes and followers on Instagram

Every like, comment, and following on social media is enough to speed up our heartbeat. It is a fact that we are in the age of social media and we are psychologically dependent on these platforms. But apart from this, likes, followings, and comments are extremely important for the statistics of the accounts.

It is of great importance who has the most followers and the most likes on the Instagram platform. In this sense, we can say that everyone is fighting a big battle to improve their account as much as possible. While getting the most likes and comments in the account search section, accounts working with companies also attach great importance to this issue. Firms looking at account analysis choose to work with the most active people.

Those who want to have the most followers, likes, and comments can buy instagram followers with money. However, in order for the account to have an organic development, it is necessary to be careful about this. Fake accounts can be easily identified.

The sale of followers and likes has become an industry that brings great commercial gain today. It is also a necessity from time to time, especially for professional users.

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Influencers and Instagram

Influencers and Instagram

We cannot imagine an Instagram without Influencers; Influencers cannot also be without Instagram. We can say that the Influencer's life takes place on the Instagram platform. Instagram is the most important platform where these people who promote any product or other idea, can advertise and reach large audiences.

We can say that it is a paradise of pictures taken with care, filtered, and photoshopped showing the most beautiful state of the person. Recently, those who oppose this trend share before and after photos and how the originals look like.

Influencers don't just promote products. For example, diet, fitness, book, vacation, and meal accounts are also very popular. Accounts that make the most original shares with the most beautiful pictures can reach a large number of followers. Probably everyone in the world knows the #bookstagram tag used by those who share books.

Apart from that, bloggers aim to promote their posts on the Instagram platform and reach more readers.

Opening an Instagram Account for Beginners

It is very simple to open an Instagram account. Unfortunately, fake accounts can also be opened easily. First of all, you need to download the Instagram App to your mobile phone.

You can then sign up with your email address or Facebook account and create an account.

After selecting the profile name you want, you can choose to open a personal or business account. There is also a creator account. If you are only going to use it to communicate and share with your friends, you don't need to plan a lot. However, if you are aiming to reach a large number of people, you should know that the competition is huge and it is very difficult to stand out from the best and get attention.

The most popular and interesting topics in the Instagram platform are:

  • Interior
  • DIY
  • Fitness
  • Eating / Drinking
  • Vegan Eating
  • Diets
  • Quotes
  • Gardening
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Selfies
  • Traveling
  • Motivation

If there is a subject that you think may be of great interest to large audiences other than these topics, you can open an account on this subject.

The most used language in Instagram is English. Of course, if you have a local account and your target audience is that, you can use the language of your country. But if you want to reach followers around the world, English language selection is best.

Some tips for success on Instagram

Some tips for success on Instagram

Give your visual message the best

You must have the best quality and original pictures and a remarkable story to tell. The quality of your image plays an important role in the success of the medium you shoot. Original shots grab more attention instead of boring and ubiquitous stock images.


By sharing 1-minute videos, you can attract more attention. For this, you should use the time well and fit all that you want to tell in 1 minute.


A hashtag is the most important way to exist on social media. You must use hashtags suitable for your share. Otherwise, you cannot get anyone's attention. You can also use specific programs to find the most accurate hashtags. Along with the favorite hashtags, be sure to use similar hashtags, which you can get more attention. You can use 30 hashtags on each post. To reach as many people as possible, any hashtags that may be related to the topic you are sharing should be used. Remember that nobody can find you on social media without using hashtags, and make sure you get used to adding the right hashtag.

Polls, sweepstakes

From time to time, asking questions to your followers and conducting surveys brings vitality to your account. Also, giveaways, where you can give gifts, are a good way to increase followers. You can also find sponsors on the draw. It is easier to find sponsors for well-known accounts. However, you can investigate the companies that can participate in such events to improve their own accounts and ask whether they will hold a lottery with you. We cannot achieve anything without courage.

Being planned

Planning the day and time of your posts and choosing the times when you reach your followers the most will lead you to success. It would be wiser to use the times you planned, rather than sharing over and over and making people bored. You can follow which time is right for you by using the insights section regularly. If you are using the platform professionally, remember that you need to be planned for success here as in any business.

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Instagram Guides


Try to support other users. If you tag, like, and comment on them from time to time, they will do it to you. Although you trust the originality of your posts and some followers come for them, the goal of almost everyone with an Instagram account is to increase followers and likes. Therefore, mutual support is beneficial for both parties.

Avoid These Mistakes For A More Successful Account

  • Avoid opening an account with an unknown Niche that doesn't appeal to your target audience.
  • Do not add unprofessional pictures. Make sure to take multiple pictures and choose the best quality among them.
  • Avoid creating an incompatible and chaotic Instagram feed. Looking at your entire feed, it should be understood that it is telling a story.
  • Don't write sloppy texts. Add striking and interesting texts under your images that distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Not communicating interactively with your followers. Your followers should feel obliged to comment and like you. Or they should want to answer a question you ask. Also be interactive!
  • Being unfamiliar with trends. You must follow the innovations and be open to change in order to adapt to the trends and interests of people that change day by day.
  • Posting too many or too few pictures. The pictures you share one after the other will tire your followers, and too little sharing can direct interest to other accounts. Here, too, you get to know your audience profile well and balance the timing perfectly.
  • Just share product pictures. An account that only has product pictures and is far from personal will annoy the viewers. One reason people are interested in social media is their curiosity. Especially a curiosity for other people's lives. A personality from yourself must be in your account.
  • Finally: As you can see, Instagram knows how to engage its users with constant updates and new features. The best proof of this is the increasing number of users day by day.
  • After talking about all the details about Instagram, you better understand how important the number of likes and followers is for this platform. An account without organic likes and followers is nothing.
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, the other sisters of Instagram?  Facebook and Twitter, which are under the same roof as Instagram, are also successful and unrivaled platforms used by billions of people around the world. Although the users of each platform differ slightly, the number of people who use them all at once is generally not small.
  • Although WhatsApp started with the purpose of private messaging and live conversation, its use for socializing and business purposes is rapidly spreading with its story and status features.

We would like to talk about these platforms shortly.

Facebook Twitter WhatsApp

Facebook Twitter & WhatsApp

Facebook said hello to its first users on February 4, 2004. Today, it has 2.5 billion active users. It is said that approximately 1.5 billion people use the platform every day.

Although Facebook is a platform that is allowed to be used from the age of 13, many children admit that they met and started using it at a very young age.

The main features of Facebook

The main features available on the Facebook platform are:

  • Profile
  • Chronic
  • Timeline
  • Like Button
  • Friends
  • Pages
  • Chat

Facebook pages feature is a feature not available on many platforms. It is incredibly useful for bloggers, especially for entrepreneurs and website owners. It is even possible to write a blog with just one Facebook page.

You can also broadcast live on the Facebook platform such as Instagram. Live streams are one of the features that are very popular and used here as well.


Twitter, engraved with the bluebird symbol, is a platform where you can post daily. Each post, or better called tweet, can consist of 140 letters. This includes the number of hashtags used.

Twitter, which is especially preferred for political views, was founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006.

The popular logo of the platform used by millions of people, took its final shape in 2012.

Of course, hashtags play a very important role here, as in every platform. You can like the tweets you like, and you can reach more people by sharing them. The speed at which messages spread is incredible.

You can create some lists and send private messages on Twitter. There is also the possibility to set up groups in the message section.


WhatsApp is also one of the most used platforms, which makes messaging and live calls possible only with the internet package or Wi-Fi you use.

It has become an indispensable feature for family, friends, work, and school messages. WhatsApp is used in many areas of life such as scheduling appointments, collective classrooms, or meetings with colleagues. Although its use is free from the age of 16, it has millions of much younger users.

Although accessing the address book when you download the app is critical in terms of data privacy, users cannot give up the application.

Perhaps the fact that the most used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram all belong to Facebook makes it even more powerful.

The most advantageous difference between Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp from Instagram is that they can also be used in the web browser. Unfortunately, Instagram posts can only be made on mobile devices. Who knows, maybe this feature will be added in the future.